October 27th, 2017

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Being a larger brand with a decentralized distribution platform is a unique position to be in. On one hand, building a national brand and targeting a national user base is a priority. While at the same time, the need to convey local roots and messaging is instrumental in making sales.  

Trying to be both a national and a local brand can very easily leave your business looking like neither. Customers don’t want to be pandered to and at the same time, being too corporate can turn off people. As you are well aware, having a great product does not guarantee sales. Building a brand and making local inroads is still the best way to increase sales and build a clientele base. 


Marketing Across All Territories  

Perhaps the most complicated aspect of managing many locations is how to market effectively. Broad corporate campaigns are extremely expensive and there is no guarantee for market penetration. The financial burden and logistical challenges of representing your many storefronts can quickly overwhelm any marketing team you may have.  


Methods for Local Marketing 


Instead of focusing on your brand as a whole, put your energy into the local territories your dealers are located in.  

1. Build local websites. For every territory you are making sales in, build a corresponding website. This means you guessed it, unique URLs and custom content for each area. This allows for corporate messaging to expand the sales network while at the same time, maintaining a local feel.   

2. More social media. Having one, umbrella social media account on websites like Twitter and Facebook is all well and good but their lack of intimacy will prevent community engagement. By building accounts for local areas, it will provide a platform for having conversations with potential customers.  

Build them on the corporate side but let your agents in territory have access. Let them reply to the people they know and start creating conversations around your brand. This style of outreach will make corporate content more palatable. Having many local accounts make marketing campaigns more readily digestible. Use trusted media accounts for the dissemination of marketing campaigns. 

3. Data analysis and collection. Building and maintaining a multitude of websites and social media accounts can seem daunting but the payoffs are huge. Having only one website and one social media account means your data was coming from a solo location. Because of the more generic and corporate feel your parent website exudes, any visitors are most likely not interested in making a purchase. 

However, potential customers and leads are more likely to visit your local websites. With a unique website for every territory, the data collected reflects your demographic, organized by geographic location. This form of hyperlocal customer information is invaluable for growing your business. Ads can be A/B tested to see how each territory responds, perfect for categorizing uniqueness. Having such a broad base of websites allows for customized local campaigns, allowing for sales potential that would have been impossible with only one corporate site.    

4. Allow for local control. Building outreach on such a grand scale dictates your local agents must have some form of autonomy. It would be impossible to give your content a local feel if it was only updated from inside a corporate office. By taking the initiative and building marketing tools for your territories, it allows for the tools to be standardized across all territories.  If you didn’t build them, many territories would have nothing and others would have their own, separate from the company as a whole. Both scenarios offer nothing but trouble. 

Once you build specific tools, allow for local agents to have only so much control. Lock certain content that cannot be changed and prevent them from posting whatever they want.  


SeedLogix Offers the Solution  

Offering a CMS system that is designed specifically for multi-site companies, SeedLogix has the solutions you require. We have the capabilities for instantly creating thousands of local websites and an unlimited amount of social media accounts. Interested in reading that valuable data? Our software aggregates all web page visitors, potential leads, and phone calls into an easy to read database, complete with visuals to help you interpret it. Contact us today and find out how to maximize your marketing potential. 1-800-916-5600