January 4th, 2015

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Marketing is very important in businesses nowadays, there are many ways to market your business but the most commonly used are the inbound and outbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing is focused on how to get found by clients which is also related to permission and relationship marketing, here publishing information on websites and blogs are used. Outbound Marketing on the contrary is a paid advertisement where the business advertises on TV, press releases, print ads and e-mails. This is also known as the more traditional market technique which uses inappropriate and excessive advertisement.

An easier way to understand this type of marketing is this, while in Outbound Marketing the business is looking for the client in inbound marketing the client is looking for the business. Using the Outbound technique is harder then inbound and proves to be less profitable but latest surveys have shown that most companies prefer to spend more than 80% of their budget on outbound.

Organizations and businesses seek to improve their business sales and experts have suggested that increasing budgets on inbound marketing will prove profitable.

Although this type of marketing is time consuming and may take a little longer to implement this has proved to be beneficial to organizations that are already using it.

Outbound marketing has been around for years, but consumes most of the organizations marketing budget. A majority of companies do not consider the effect of outbound marketing on its business, for example you can never know the percentage of return on investments. You may be spending more than what you are getting in return whilst companies that have already implemented the inbound marketing technique know exactly the percentage of the return investment .The best thing about it is it is cheaper.

Inbound marketing is mostly used with search engine marketing; here the customer is initializing the contact with a business by trying certain keywords in the search engine. The most important thing is to create web pages and advertisements that will crop up when a person is searching words which have to do with your business. This will help customers find you easily. Nowadays people hardly grab the yellow pages or look for paper advertisements to choose products the first thing they do is jump on the computer and look for products online. You can start out by setting up a pay per click ad on Google Adwords and don't forget the more content on your page the more clients will be pulled towards you web page.

If you opt for outbound marketing you will never know the feedback you have received as people may come and go without telling you from where they found your business, such as magazines , radios or TV ads.

Using the Internet for Inbound marketing is the easiest and most economical way of attracting customers , the first thing you must do after setting up a web page or ads on facebook , Google or other highly used websites is search for keywords in your log files to check which words people used to find you . Here you will also find how often you site was visited or how many people clicked on your ADS. Use search engine optimization articles to create more traffic towards your website, and also make a search record system to keep informing yourself on which words are being used to look for your website. Gradually you may appear on the top search engines, the more people visit your site the higher you climb in rankings.

Although Inbound Marketing is mostly recommended there are still some outbound techniques that work today. For example, networking on forums or events on certain industries still works. Some companies tend to use LinkedIn since this website is used by many businesses with the in mail recommendations you can advertise your product to many customers. Printed newsletters are another way that outbound marketing still works. This usually works with the more local organization owners.

Inbound Marketing is considered as the New and modern way to market having a tactic that seeks interest of people instead of trying to purchase it. The advantage of this is that the communication comes from both ways for business owner to client and vice versa, The client Is looking for you and Marketers are seeking to educate or entertain, whilst Out bound marketing is known as the old marketing technique where communication is normally one way coming from the business example radio, TV, advertisements, call cards or banners. Nowadays the buyer is in more control of what they can receive which does not help companies which opt for the Outbound marketing technique. An example of this is that many people have registered their home number on a Do not call list so this type of advertisement will not reach 80% of homes. Those who have access to e-mails may unsubscribe in receiving companies newsletters as they are thought of as boring or annoying, and many people do not visit their favorite web site because of irritating ads. When watching TV many people tend to turn over the channel during adverts and a large percentage of promotional mail is usually just tossed in the trash.

Inbound marketing is looked upon differently, Marketers rely upon sites such as facebook or twitter and many companies commented that their business increased by a high percentage, while their company blog is deemed important to their business. Advertising on Inbound marketing will half the cost you pay for outbound marketing.