March 29th, 2018

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Facebook algorithm changes have left a lot of brands scratching their heads. With the platform changing algorithms to prioritize friends and family over brands on newsfeeds, is organic social media really that important anymore? While visibility might be a little more difficult than it once was, the answer to this question is a confident yes.

Okay, so organic social media is still worthwhile – but why? If organic unsponsored posts aren’t going to be as prevalent in newsfeeds, why bother going through the trouble? Organic social media still has plenty of benefits, and your core audience is still going to use these platforms to engage with you. Five reasons why organic social media is worth it are:


Organic social media is cost-effective, as it costs nothing to simply create organic posts. Sure, time and energy will go into creating content, but for businesses with a tight budget, this output is worthwhile. With a CMS, you could update all of your social media channels at once, making creating these organic posts much less time and energy consuming.

Compliment your advertising

Over 80% of consumers research brands and products before making a purchase and this includes investigating their social media profiles. After seeing an ad for your brand, searchers will then see your personality through social media posts, so you want those posts to be personal and engaging.

Creates authenticity

To expand upon the idea of seeing your personality through social media posts, organic social media helps to create an authenticity around your brand. You want to show visitors to your social media pages not just what you do, but who you are. Social media followers will look at paid advertising as an opportunity to sell, they look at organic social media as a way to communicate.

Easy to access customer care

63 percent of consumers turn to social media for customer care, and organic social media can help to resolve customer issues and show potential customers how you approach and prioritize customer service. Nine out of ten social media users have engaged with a brand before, and 1/3 of those users turn to social media to pose questions and voice concerns before going to a website for help. By lacking in organic posts, you could lose this engagement as customers go to your social media to engage, but see the page is all but abandoned.

Aid your search engine optimization

Organic social media can help you to rise in the rankings, really giving your SEO a boost. Especially for multi-site brands, if a potential customer searches for your type of service in their area, your active organic social media page with backlinks will place your service right there when they need it most.


Approaching Your Organic Social Media For Results

You want to approach your organic social media to drive results, and there are a few ways you can do this for your multi-site brand. First, develop a strategy, and build your foundation to take you where you want to go. Next, tell your story and include followers to encourage natural organic engagement. When telling your story, use posts, links, photos, and video to cater to various audiences by providing the types of media they like to consume most.

Your organic social media is a big part of your online presence. To find the CMS that caters to your need for organic social media, contact SeedLogix today.