October 11th, 2017

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Building a successful business, in part, relies upon a strong foundation. The anchor tenets of your brand and business model are what has allowed your company to grow into multiple territories. Having many different locations means catering to individual markets and understanding the differences between them.   

Customizing different websites and creating marketing campaigns for various demographics is important. It is also important to remember why your business is successful in the first place and to not allow your message to be muddled and spread too thin. Whatever it is you sell, whether it is a product or a service, there are certain features that differentiate yourself from the competition. Focusing your resources and messaging to stay consistent must be a priority.  

Many Websites, One Message  

Creating custom websites for individual territories is a must. They help build local content and collect email lists. Automating content delivery is an efficient and smart method of keeping your brand and website updated.  

Celebrating local branches and territories is a great way to penetrate the market. Allowing local agents and dealers some autonomy over a local website can make your company stand out as trustworthy.   

With all the great benefits of going local, it is still important to maintain a singular brand and message. Not having enough control over the content of local websites can quickly make your company seem convoluted and unorganized.  


Both these traits hurt sales and ultimately drive customers away. IgnitedLocal’s own software can instantly update your company’s local websites with fresh content. Automation makes running your business easier to while simultaneously keeping your message targeted.   

When building websites, it is important to maintain central control over the content and how it can be updated. Creating a cohesive messaging campaign is a must when controlling your own brand. Stick to what it is that made your business successful in the first place. Just because territories are hyperlocal does not mean customers will not demand what it is you are offering. Don’t let your de-centralized location stop you from creating a centralized message.  


Consistent Content   

Keeping up with your company’s overall message is hard to do without consistent content. It can seem like a monumental task, keeping every website updated frequently, but with some help, it can be easily done.   

By taking full advantage of your many locations, it is possible to allow for individual territories a certain level of autonomy. If there are a couple high-performing areas with motivated individuals creating content, by all means, let them post. The more local stories, the better traffic will be.  


However, highly active branches are the exception and not the rule. This means the majority of content must come from a centralized location. Creating stories that are both industry related and have the ability to be used in all territories is a daunting prospect. IgniteLocal incorporates teams of content writers to create attention-grabbing stories.  


Not only is the content going to be engaging but it will also be targeted towards local markets. By taking advantage of your multiple websites, we can craft attention-grabbing headlines that draw in readers from your entire network. Think of IgnitedLocal as a magnifying glass for your company. Our software and team of people are dedicated to making your business rank high on search engines and elicit quality views.  


Central Control With a Local Feel  

It is important to convey an organized and professional feel with all of your marketing. Being spread too thin between different locations can quickly devolve into a nightmare scenario. Not having control over how your brand is viewed is not a good way to sell products and services. 


By using technology that seamlessly integrates all branches and territories, IgnitedLocal allows you to focus on the more important aspects of business. We are proud to offer an all in one solution for your marketing and website needs. Offering centralized website hosting, customized local web presence, and content creation, we are confident our software will make your life easier.  


Customers are locally oriented and your brand deserves to be their first choice. Automating multi-location marketing is our specialty. Take the headaches out of your web presence and contact us today.