November 16th, 2017

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Psychology plays a strong role in everyday decision making, so it only makes sense for psychology to also play a role in a customer's decision to like your brand. A popular theory of many is the theory that McDonald's use of the color red spurs a person's appetite. Coincidence or not many other brands such as Burger King and Wendy's use the color red in their logos. Two of the three brands named are ranked in the top 10 fast food chains in the world. It's time to bust out your crayons because this lesson in the psychology of color could help boost your website's traffic. 


First Impression 

How your website looks matters, and if you don't impress a customer with your layout then their business will be taken elsewhere. People make up their minds within the first 90 seconds of their initial interaction with a website. You design a killer website with all the bells and whistles imaginable, yet you're still not getting the conversion rate you're looking for. This could be because of a simple font color issue. Within the 90 seconds of a person's interaction with your website, 62-90 percent of their judgment is based on color.  If your business isn't seeing results with the pages call-to-action button, then read on to find out if your CTA button color could be affecting conversions. 


Your Performance is Based on Your Audience 

The psychology of color plays a big role in a person's interaction with your website, but it doesn't define your audience. While red may work for McDonald's, it wouldn’t sit well with Walmart customers who have become loyal to the company's blue logo. Similarly, don't be scared to test colors on your company's website. If you're not getting the conversion rate you're looking for from the CTA button then research shows you should try another color. In 2010, Ript Apparel saw a 6.3 percent increase in sales after they changed their CTA button from green to yellow.  


Your Target Audience Have a Color Preference  

Sometimes it's easy to forget we're not all the same. If your company's logo is a dragon then it would be understandable to want your website's homepage to have a dark renaissance feel, and a purple button to sign up for more information about the company. However, if your target audience is men then you just made a huge mistake. According to KISSmetrics, colors men hate the most are brown, orange, and purple. Women, on the other hand, love the colors blue, green, and you guessed it...purple! It's important to understand these color preferences if you want to see conversion rates increase.  


Your Site's Color Indicates if Your Company is Cheap or Expensive 

The worst thing your company can do is give off the wrong price impression. If a person associates a color as being cheap, yet your brand is high quality, then the chances of the customer going through with an order are slim to none. Thirty percent of males and females associate the color orange as being cheap and inexpensive. So, while your product may be top dollar, your orange background is mediocre.  


Middle Ground 

This is understandably a lot to take in, but the important thing is to know that color has an effect on the sales you receive through the company's website. However, if you're wondering what a "safe" color is to use for your brand, then blue is your best bet. The color blue is the most preferred color between men and women. Almost no one has a blue deficiency, thus the color is the most easily recognized. With this in mind, be sure to click the blue hyperlink to see how SeedLogix can provide you with extremely fast load times and higher conversions.