January 14th, 2015

Understanding Inbound Marketing

There is a new term that is wagging on every businessman's tongue; inbound marketing. There is of course justification for it being such a fad in the professional world and this is majorly because it embodies an alteration in how buyers are going through the motions of sales.

Currently, before any buyer makes a purchase, they find it vital to get on the internet and carry out a search about what options they have. The result of this is usually a list of prospective business which they feel that they should contact for their desired purchase. For this reason, if you as a businessman or the seller in this case have a poor online visibility and poor content to match, the buyer will not consider you a worthy seller and they will go to your competition. Now think about it, how many forgone opportunities do you not know about that may have occurred due to such flimsy reasons?

If the content on your site or blog is not satisfactory to convince a potential client that you are the right entrepreneur to go to, they will turn around and walk even if the site is not a true reflection of your business. If you have gotten the feeling that your clients are avoiding you then they most probably are and this is because they are looking for guidance on social sites and on the web at large. You need not worry about such occurrences though if your online presence is top notch.

So how do you attain a strong online presence? Easy, just make sure that the information on your website is all RELEVANT. Two departments in your business will have to almost coalesce; marketing and sales. Matters such as those that you have been handling on the phone with potential clients must be taken care of online on the site. Your marketing strategy group, sales department and management will have to crack their brains and find a way of getting vital ideas from people's mind and onto your website, blog, articles and papers. All these have to be on your website.

You, of course will be at the realm of everything taking apart archives in your business to fish out information they may have. The earliest stage of information gathering will focus on the sales people who know what is in the prospects' minds. With this information in hand the marketing team will turn into extraordinary content for the website. Your role will be to rally everyone behind the new rules of buying in this sales cycle. The best way to get the show on the road is by sitting down with your team and brainstorming on various ideas. FAQs from customers and the answers you give can make great blog content if spun right. Such information then becomes invaluable all day, all week and all year round to inform your prospects.

For a great inbound client base, encourage your blog visitor with catchy phrases such as "Ask the Doctor" because blog visitors like to feel that you actually know what you are doing. Whenever you lose out on a chance to sell, do not feel discouraged, instead investigate why it happened. There will be a good chance that the customer misconstrued your content to mean that you did not have the product when indeed you do.

The whole prospect will work better if you as the leader assign each team member a specific task and company to keep a close watch on using the useful Google alerts. Information gathered from such team members can facilitate face talks with the companies concerned or can be used as blog content.

Social networking will give you lots of opportunity to get some inbound marketing done. You as the head need to interact with your prospects using such forums. Team members can help by joining various professional networks and doing Q and A's in those groups. The team also needs to understand that whatever changes and marketing strategy alterations inbound marketing will bring about does not pit the groups against each other or make one more important than the next. What changes and which is more vital than anything else, is how the decision to buy (on the prospects side) can be influenced through the team's efforts. The team can make great strides for the company through these marketing strategy methods and you as the leader of the pack will see to it that it actually works.