January 16th, 2015

Understanding Inbound Marketing

The opinion of many marketing consultants had been that many business owners and managers are predisposed to making major decisions while budgeting and rolling out marketing strategies. This they attribute to misplaced faith in the so called impression-based advertisements that are used for sales and conversion purposes. No business can thrive purely on ad clicks and say they are doing great. This is not a unit of measurement of a business' success.

Let us create a theoretical situation where you sell software. In a marketing attempt you run your products' display adverts on a social site for three months with your target population ranging between males aged 25 to 50 years. Over and above this you have invested in paid advertisement and bid lucratively on 'software products' as your keyword. Of course you are keeping an eye on the display ad results and the PPC search method you used. The PPC results will most probably give you better results than the display ads which will be much slower. In response to this result, you will put a hold on the display ads and invest again on 'software products' as the keyword to improve your online visibility to site visitors.

The result of this action on your part will be a phenomenal plunge in PPC results and an equally catastrophic drop in conversion rates. Now there may be other reasons for this happening. There may be a new product in the market or you and your company may have a damaged view through value on social networking sites. You will be at a loss to know which of these actually caused the disaster unless you have engineered a way to evaluate what causes such drops. Such measures have to be based on terms that affect your business for instance site visits, time on site, pages viewed and conversions.

This is where your marketing consultant will be useful because he will advise you about taking on a display advertising person or partner. Online marketing is rife with challenges and fast paced, everyday changes. Since the industry is obviously a very complicated one, many companies take on these partners who convert useful information from users to brilliant inbound marketing strategies that can be used and tracked.

The partner's job is usually to be a representative of the business owner and to make purchases on the media through publishing methodology and advertisement networks. They sort of become the member of the marketing team who ensures that the entrepreneur's goals are met. A partner turns your goals into realistic actions, directional development, reports and analysis as well as innovative testing and services. They are well versed in all marketing channels, how to use the media to your advantage, web design and strategic website CTA development (Call To Action). Needless to say he or she needs to be a qualified consultant of inbound marketing.

These partners and marketing consultant serve at different levels and use different approaches in their work. As the boss, know what you need so that you ask them the right questions. This way you will find just the people for the job. The questions below will help you create a clear divide between consultants and the display partners. You may consider using such questions:

  • Can you explain the account service model?
  • Will you include creative?
  • How does one optimize messages?
  • To what degree can customization be done?
  • Apart from browser acquisition, what is your roadmap?
  • As the partner how will you monitor infrastructure and user experience?
  • Do you have your own technology?
  • How will you control privacy?
  • What will you do to protect the brand?
  • How focused are you as the partner in servicing the section?
  • What kind of clients do you support?
  • What of finances?
  • What are your certifications?
  • Have you any relevant educational background?
  • Have you done this before?
  • Any published works?

This list will help you pick the right consultant and partner too. As an added effort, you as the business owner should also bring yourself up to speed with the concerns of advertising and marketing. As the entrepreneur you must have a system in place to track ranking manage keywords and generate leads on how you can improve your sites content and visibility. Social media marketing can also be very helpful.