September 6th, 2019

Understanding Inbound Marketing

This is the season when most businesses start marketing. You are probably looking at where you will be spending money over the next year. We all know that data is the critical ingredient needed to track how effective your digital marketing is and where it is most effective. It is vital therefore that you make an apples to apples comparison and not an apple to oranges comparison. The filling is a list of benefits utilizing digital marketing and reporting:

1. Digital Marketing Is Effective:

Digital marketing is currently the most powerful form of marketing to reach your target audience. Companies have seen phenomenal growth with digital marketing. According to Forbes magazine by 2021 it is predicted that digital marketing in the US will spend nearly $120 Billion.

2. More Cost Effective:

Digital Marketing is the most cost effective way to market your small business. It is hard to compete with large company full page ads, or to place a television ad in prime time targeted to your customers on a limited marketing budget. With digital marketing you definitely get more exposure for your money.

3. More Measurable:

Digital marketing is the most measurable to see if your marketing is working. With digital marketing it takes the guesswork out of knowing if your marketing campaign is working or not. Because it measures your results in real time, it allows you to see what is working, what needs to be adjusted and what you will need for the next campaign. 

4. Targeting Your Base:

When you buy an ad you are hoping that the message will reach its intended audience, and that the person reading your ad is looking for your product. With digital marketing, you can be sure that the customers you want to reach will be searching the internet for topics relevant to your business. This way you can target those who are interested in your services and products based on demographics and information gathered. 

5. Most People Today Start Online: 

The fact that most people begin their shopping for a product or service by searching online is the greatest benefit to you if you have digital marketing. Even if you have turned to a search engine or Siri to find the information you need.  Marketing studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers start with a search engine. This becomes a gold mine for small businesses to connect with potential consumers and engage them; improving your visibility and reaching the greatest amount of customers when they are ready to use your service. 

Now is the time to target your customers, develop effective sales strategies building your brand and stop wasting money on ineffective ad campaigns.  At SeedLogix software we know it is easy to be misled and base your entire sales strategy on data that does not show the whole picture. Seedlogix is a cloud based inbound marketing software that allows you to work from a single console. This allows you to control, review and expand all of your marketing efforts.