June 29th, 2018

Understanding Inbound Marketing

The development of technology has changed the way multi-location businesses conduct their marketing outreach 

One of the best examples of this is automation. Automation has grown in popularity as a tool to handle online marketing, and it’s expected to continue to do so in the future  

Although only 55% of multi-location businesses have adopted marketing automation technology, more than 90% have said that automation was crucial to the overall success of their marketing efforts. If you’re looking to implement automation technology into your marketing efforts, consider the five uses listed below.  

Task Management  

Organizing Tasks  

Many managers feel that marketing automation is best for helping to keep them organized. Automating things such as your schedule, assignment, and calendars help keep marketers organized. And, this process is done seamlessly, allowing you to focus your efforts on other important aspects of your business. Many use automation to delegate tasks to other team members as well.  

Management Around the Clock  

It’s unrealistic for you to conduct business around the clock, but marketing automation makes it possible. Whether it’s sending an email blast for customers to wake up to or managing your social media accounts, automation keeps you plugged in even when you are away from your computer. Marketing automation technology allows you to handle these tasks in advance so that you don’t have to think twice about them.  

Get More Done  

The capabilities that automation offers have grown tremendously since it was first introduced, and will likely continue to grow considerably into the future. Automation can allow you and your team to be more efficient with their time. What may require hours of manual labor could often be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours with marketing automation technology.  

Improve Marketing Capabilities  

Generate More Leads  

Marketing automation features lead generation software, which can play a crucial role in allowing you to optimize your next campaign. This technology can help you build user-entry forms that are specific to your business, allowing you to attract a higher-quality customer. By drawing higher-quality leads, your sales team should see improved results when closing deals.  

Improving Your Marketing Campaign  

Some of the latest automation technology provides analytics that makes suggestions on how to best promote your campaign. Although you’ll need to review the results, you’ll gain access into analysis that you likely had never considered previously. Automation could go a long way toward helping you in the right direction.  

Interested in Marketing Automation  

If you are interested in adding marketing automation to your multi-location business’ efforts, be sure to contact Seedlogix as soon as possible. Seedlogix offers marketing automation solutions that allow marketers to dominate a multi-location internet foundation. The automated platform features the following:  

  • Content Management System  
  • Powerful Landing Pages  
  • Content Blogging Platform  
  • Easy-To-Use Custom Lead Generation Forms  

Additionally, you’ll receive access to excellent return-on-investment reporting in a platform that displays a complete aggregated dashboard for all your touchpoints. To bring your marketing efforts into the 21st century and improve your sales, be sure to contact Seedlogix today and ask about their marketing automation solutions.