December 6th, 2019

Understanding Inbound Marketing

We live in a digital age and the majority of us are online. The average adult under 65 spends 2 hours per day on social media and teenagers spend 9 hours. Digital marketing will help you take advantage of the booming online market. No matter what type of business you own or manage, you can benefit greatly from a digital marketing campaign. There are multiple benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing channels. Here are just five:


  1. Digital Marketing Is Cost Effective:


Marketing and advertising is one of the largest budget busters for a business. For major corporations with large purse strings this may not be an issue, for the small business owner who needs to get the most out of their budget to expand and gore this may be an impossible task. With digital marketing, you can create a major impact for less money. With a minimal investment you can subscribe to an email marketing provider and send emails to thousands of customers on your list.


  1. Digital Marketing Has A Large Return On Investment (ROI):


Digital marketing offers a substantial return for a small investment. You want your marketing dollars to target people who will buy your product. With more traditional marketing you choose a venue such as a magazine and hope it will draw customers. With digital marketing, if you spend $1, the company generates $3.75, profiting the company $2.75 or a 275% on your investment. While the percentages vary with different companies this is an average.


  1. Digital Marketing Provides Measurable Results:


How successful your digital campaign can be measured easily. With traditional advertising you will have to wait weeks or months to see if your campaign is successful and it is usually measured in increased revenue or meeting a campaign goal. With digital advertising you will know almost immediately if the ad is successful. With the use of email marketing software you can track number of emails, how many were delivered, how many were read and conversion rate.


  1. Digital Marketing Is Adaptive:


How your digital campaign is performing will inform you on how to proceed. If the ad is successful,  you can invest more with just a click of the mouse. With an ad that is not producing results you can adjust it accordingly or end it. With traditional marketing, if the ad is not hitting your target market and proposed results, you still have to wait until the agreed expiration date.


  1. Digital Marketing Helps You Capture The Global Market:


The internet has turned the world into a global village. Digital marketing allows your ad campaigns to reach any part of the world. This gives smaller businesses and start-ups the opportunity to go global.


For your business to remain competitive and relevant, you need to engage with your customer base through different digital media channels. Digital marketing allows businesses to respond to consumer questions, educate and generate sales. The goal is to hold your customers attention for as long as possible while you are building a credible reputation. The digital marketing experts at SeedLogix will make your marketing more efficient and at a much lower cost. We provide solutions for marketing agencies, franchises, manufacturers and agent organizations.