March 31st, 2015

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Online marketing is the method of using the internet to advertise products and make customers in order to achieve financial profit. There are many methods or strategies that one can use in order to be successful in online marketing, online marketing is a very powerful way to influence search engines and induce high traffic toward your site. But often times especially in novice businesses, they tend to focus on ways to increase traffic than ways to increase purchases by converting traffic into customers which is a huge oversight. The method of creating a method to convert a visit into a customer is called Conversion rate optimization.

How conversion rate optimization works?

As normal Search engine optimization (SEO), on-site optimization (OSO) and user experience optimization (UEO) tend to create traffic towards your website, but traffic alone will not produce money. Web traffic is the term used to denote the rate of visitors a website received in a given amount of time, but these figures only shows how popular your website is but it doesn't immediately say that each visit is converted into a purchase. This is not the case if your website is geared toward providing pro bono services, but if your site's goal is to make money, then web traffic alone is not enough. One must find a way to "convert" each visit into a profitable transaction which is the main goal of your online venture and this is the main focus of conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization uses methods that will try to convince people into "converting" by actually availing your products or services. There are many methods of conversion rate optimization, but one of the most famous methods is to provide a real-time online customer representative that will cater people’s queries, some businesses have applied this method and it is called the "live chat support".

How live chat support help in conversion rate optimization or CRO?

People are more interested in conversation with other people; this is a basic instinct which is the main factor for humanity's success. Great civilizations and great nations all started from the constant communication of people, it is hard wired into humanity's subconscious and it will be ingrained into each individual until humans exist. This susceptibility of people to "talk" is so apparent that major dictators have made use of it to amass a huge following for their ideals; this is how powerful a personal conversation can do to sway a person into doing something to your favor.

Live chat support uses the power of conversation in a modern way to achieve the conversion rate businesses need in order to be financially successful in online marketing. Live chat support gives the people visiting your site the feeling of a personal attachment with you, having them think that there is an actual live person that they can talk to about anything can really provide a better chance of increasing conversion rates and thus become successful.

How does SEO, OSO and UEO fit with CRO

The search engine is often the gateway to your site, people tend to use search engines in order to find relevant information that they need. SEO helps ensure that your site will be included in the main search engine result page and thus create traffic toward your site, this is the first part of online marketing, attract people to view your site.

As people now visit your site, people tend to skim only and not read everything that is posted in your site. This is where OSO fits in, On-site optimization is the method of creating a website that will be appealing to visitors which makes them stay longer on your site and encourage them to explore your site more. It involves many web site designing strategies, content selection and artistic creativity. This is the second part of online marketing, provide relevant information and prolong their stay.

As they stay on your site because it looks good and provide good and relevant information, the next step is to provide them a good experience, this is where UEO steps in, it makes sure that the general feel of the website is user friendly and provides good user experience, this is the third part of online marketing, provide quality websites that provide good user experience.

And lastly, as people now stay longer in your site and actually loving their stay, you then begin converting them to begin purchasing your product or services. The slight push of a personal chat with positive clients can push them into your favor and thus become a successful business entrepreneur through the help of online marketing strategies.