January 30th, 2018

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Running a multi-location business with a distributed brand has numerous benefits. Having the advantage of multiple territories can create the potential for explosive growth. This multi-faceted model also comes with inherent problems and bottlenecks. Creating a cohesive and adaptive online presence is one of the most difficult aspects of a decentralized business model.  


Finding a CMS that is built to your specific needs can be the difference between a lackluster online presence and a successful one. 


Distributed Marketing Automation 

Running one or two websites id moderately simple and can be done without a centralized hub.  

What if you are running 100 or 500 websites? 

Each one is representing a local market along with its own social media presence. Can you update 100 twitter profiles at once? What about conducting personalized Email campaigns in every territory? Managing such a large network of sites requires specific solutions and there is software built to the following specifications  


  • Building multiple websites. Instead of wasting time and resources building custom websites for every territory, do it all at once. Having a CMS will allow for mass rollouts of child sites, each with custom URLs. This will help each site rank independently and allow search algorithms to classify each as a separate entity.  It's not just the search engines, allowing your customer base to differentiate your brand from less authentic ones can boost sales.   


  • Ranking high in local results. If you are a national brand, ranking high in national search results might be relatively simple. While it's important to have a corporate brand, it can be harder to rank high in local search results. More than a third of all searches are seeking local results. The advantages of having multiple websites can be used to turn your relatively unknown local site into a top search result. 

Google ranks websites based on backlinks. If your website is linked to a high authority website, you have more of a chance of ranking in organic search results. As a many-site business, you can turn each website into a backlink for the rest of your network.  

Each website will need a custom URL that ties it to a specific town and zip code. It will also require personalized content that speaks to the local demographics. Without the local touch, you will experience a high bounce rate of people quickly leaving the site, which will drop your rankings.  

  • Content management. The content of your websites is what drives traffic. Creating one-size fits all approach can leave a boring, corporate taste in the visitor's minds. Each website needs to be a representation of your company and how it can benefit the local community. This requires customized content and blog posts for each website.  

Creating quality content for each website can seem like an overwhelming task but there are ways to automate certain processes.  Specific pages on every website can be a word for word replicas of the corporate brand. Rolling out updates with a single click of the button can keep every website in your network propelling your company forward.  

The right CMS will give you the ability to create admin accounts for each territory. In this way, you can give certain individuals the ability to customize parts of their website. This application can be used for local territories and give managers the ability to write their own blog posts or even hire their own content creators. You can create a hybrid approach to your online presence that incorporates both the company brand and local flair.  

  • Brand management. Don't compromise your overall brand for local recognition. Control the rollout of new content and create templates that can be changed instantaneously. Having a centralized hub of control can prevent rogue websites and territories from dragging down your entire company.  

Multi-site businesses have unique stresses and demands that small businesses don't face. Use your company's model of having an extended network and take proportional advantage of the online space to create a high ROI for your business. Running marketing across your company shouldn't be rocket science, find the right CMS that will allow for easy to use solutions. Create websites and build your company with the right online presence.