September 30th, 2019

Understanding Inbound Marketing

“Artificial intelligence” can refer to any computer program that can handle the same sort of task as a human mind.  Calculators have a form of basic artificial intelligence, and the digital assistant in the average modern smartphone has a much more sophisticated AI that can interpret human speech, answer questions, and follow simple commands.  However, the most advanced AIs you can find today are designed for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a very data-driven industry.  Online companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook can collect a lot of valuable information from its users, including basic information like age, gender, and geographic location to more individual information like what they search for, what content they view, how much time they spend on any given video or web page, and more.  However, millions of internet users spending hours online every day generate far too many data points to analyze without any help.  That’s where marketing AI comes into play.

Content Marketing

Right now, artificial intelligence is able to curate content based on keywords and hashtags and then deliver that content to the online audience that would be most interested in consuming it.  This makes it much easier for companies that generate content for SEO or business purposes to reach their target demographics without wasting time or money by blasting out a big ad for everyone to hear.  AI also has the potential to create content that people want to consume, although high-quality and original content will rely on human creators for some time to come.


Chatbots have become sophisticated enough at this point that they’re able to answer frequently asked questions even if each website visitor asks their question in a unique way.  For more complex or unusual questions, the chatbot can refer the visitor to an email address, phone number, or other form of contact.  Chatbots are already present on many websites and will contact visitors to see if they have any questions no matter what time of day or night it is.

Predictive Analytics

The goal of any sort of scientific analysis is to explain past information in a way that lets you predict future behaviors.  Marketing uses the scientific method by analyzing what customers bought in the past and predicting what they might buy in the future.  However, behavioral and predictive analytics could potentially be more personal by using powerful AI to see what individuals do at any given time and figure out what they’ll do next.  For instance, a consumer who always buys music on Friday evenings after payday could get an ad for a musician’s new album on a Friday afternoon.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way digital marketing works, especially now that machine learning has gone mainstream.  Digital marketers need to take advantage of this revolution, or they’ll be left behind by those who do. SeedLogix uses powerful software to analyze your demographics and help you produce new content, so consider our product when you decide that it’s time for your marketing firm or agency to get an online upgrade.