January 18th, 2018

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Running a successful business is hard enough. Chasing leads and creating marketing solutions is where your energy should be focused, not on building out the backend. Using an intuitive software that makes inbound marketing efficient and scalable can maximize your profits.  


Running your business should be the top priority. Leave the technical aspect to a professional tech company.  

Providing digital marketing solutions to your clients requires the necessary tools. There are specific attributes that all marketing agencies should be looking for when deciding on the right digital solution. 


Does my Marketing Agency Really Need Better Software?  


1.) Drag and drop editor. Building and customizing your client websites is only a small part of what your role is. Unless you have a front-end development team, your customer's websites are not your priority. When choosing the right Content Management System, look for one featuring a drag and drop editor. Circumnavigate tedious coding and create great looking web pages in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.  


2.) Multi-site CMS. As a marketing agency, having the ability to work on multiple clients at once is paramount. Your backend system needs to handle multiple websites while maintaining organization. If some of your clients are multi-locational and require more than one website, having a centralized hub to build and customize from reduces the administrative burden on your own team.  

Not all digital marketing solutions have the ability to build, track, and manage multi-location clients. It is a good idea to search out this feature when choosing a software solution.  


3.) Simple CTA implementation. If your client's websites are not converting, then marketing is not doing its job. CTA's have been proven as the most effective way of building a rapport with buyers and beginning the sales process.   

When using CTA's, conducting A/B tests and discovering the best methodology for your clients is a must. Look for software that makes creating customized CTA's easy to do. The backend should collect data and present analytics with easy to read graphs.  This process is any marketer's bread and butter, the software behind the scenes should be simple to use. 


4.) Social media automation.  Disseminating content is one of the best ways to encouraging engagement with your client's website. Creating valuable blog posts takes time and energy, it would be a shame if no one read them. Garnering an online following is a key part of inbound marketing.  

Your CMS needs to make social media posts fast and en masse. Without an automated process, simple Facebook and Twitter posts can quickly become an all-consuming process. Scheduling and processing posts for a multitude of clients is a feature that will make you a more successful marketer.  


5.) Email Campaigns. Still one of the most potent forms of marketing, no other method has as high a click-through rate as do email campaigns. Drafting up concise content and focusing on your client's buyer demographic is what you do best. Don't let your hard work become sidelined by an inferior email program. Be sure the CMS you choose allows for mass email organization.  

Collecting the data from your email campaign is just as important as sending them out. Seeing the stats for how many mailers were opened and which links were followed will help you craft even better campaigns. Look for software that includes the digital tools necessary for tracking and creating a successful email campaign.  


6.) ROI tracking. What good is your campaign if there is no way to measure the results? Showing clients, the successes your company can offer is key to retention. Your CMS should be automatically tracking performance on every website your company controls. The format of the data should be in easy to read graphs and tables. Large visuals look more professional and will help clients understand what you do in a relatively short time frame.  


Find the Tools to Build Your Company With  

Your skillset is in demand. Businesses require an online presence more than ever before and providing a successful solution to their digital problems sets you apart from the competition. Find the right software that will create the technical foundation for your solution-based company.