January 21st, 2015

Social Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are using Social Media, but most of them aren't finding the needed results. I have to ask why they aren't succeeding at this lucrative market. Perhaps one of the six reasons below can shed some light on this subject for these poor people.

Nearly 50% of these companies who use social marketing say that they use it to generate leads and sales for themselves. However, not all of them know how to use it effectively. They just try to approach their lead generation blindly. Therefore, I have included four reasons that your social media may not be working for you. I have listed them below.

Your target is unidentified, and you're lost.

You haven't identified your target. You have no idea who your audience of customers is going to be. I have noticed that many businesses go online thinking that customers are seeking them. They're not. You need to know your customer base, and you need to aim your advertising directly toward them. Don't feel bad about seeming to ignore the others. When they need someone like you, they'll come looking.

Now, once you've identified them, are you online with them? Maybe they're on Facebook© while you're tweeting on Twitter©. You need to do just as you did with your website to make it accessible to all the major browsers. You need to join all the major social media sites that work in your genre, and you need to stay active in them. Make yourself available there, because your customers are there!

Your content has become outdated or useless.

A very good example of that is dated prophecy, such as December 21, 2012. For now, certain audiences need that information, because they need to prepare for disasters, anyway. However, there is such a thing as becoming uber-prepared, or over-prepared in English from German, because it seems that using the word, "uber-," to mean excessively, is a popular misuse of the English language, just as "-izzle" was a few years ago. Therefore, there is another example of becoming "uber-outdated" with your content.

However, getting back to the prophecy, itself, what are these "prophets" going to do when nothing happens on that date, and the solar system stays quiet even through 2014. Will they shrug their shoulders and say, "Oops," or will they do all that they can to protect themselves and their families from the inevitable lawsuits that are sure to come into their lives? Notice that I didn't add "friends," because if a so-called "prophet" has friends, even if those friends have stood by him or her for years, he might just decide to sue them.

You never call me!

One of the most often-seen errors is no call-to-action at the end of the ads. Calls-to-action simply encourage the reader to do something, whether to fill in a form, make a phone call (though I find the ones who want a phone call to be more uncomfortable for me) or go to a place of business, if it is local, and enter a drawing. Without the call-to-action, your readers probably will not act.

In your ad, don't bring up your upcoming webinar. Save that for your landing page or your callers. Use your link to that landing page or phone number to work as your call-to-action. That way, your visitor can register on the landing page, in the e-mail or over the phone.

In addition, you can target your content to match its platform. If you have content in Facebook©, Twitter©, MySpace©, Google+1©, LinkedIn© or any of the many other social networking sites, you can aim your calls-to-action and, indeed, your entire ad, to the visitors at each of these sites to maximize your reach.

Where are you?

Customers need to know where you are, including the current site. If you are in multiple sites, you need to arrange your site "chiclets" to show where you are advertising. These "chiclets" can then jump out and say, "I am here."

To summarize, in order for your social media ads to work, you have to make them work. In short, do everything that you can, including learning everything you can about this new means of advertising. You are in business to make money, and social media can become the way to the easiest Dollar, Yen, Deutschmark or Pound that you ever earned.

Now, research your social media before you start your advertisement. In fact, each of your preferred social media sites has at least one administrator. He or she knows the demographics and can inform you about them.