February 20th, 2018

Social Marketing Strategy

If you've been on social media lately, you've probably noticed that you can't scroll too far down your feed without seeing a meme. Memes are everywhere, and just about anything these days can become one. However, what does this have to do with your business? Everything. 

Looking for a fun way to engage with customers through social media channels? Using a meme that ties back to your expertise is the perfect way to do that. You'll be increasing your brands reach by creating a simple, easy to read, shareable and trendy memes that relate to your business.  

A meme is a humorous video, image, gif, or any other type of media that can be customized and spread rapidly online. With how trendy memes are it can be tempting for your business to create one. However, memes aren't for every business, and you need to understand the do's and don'ts of meme marketing before you get started. We've compiled a list of 6 do's and don'ts when it comes to using memes for digital marketing success.  


Don’t Forget Who Your Audience Is 

It's easy to get caught up in the hype and buzz of a popular meme, but don't let that make you forget who your audience is. Separate yourself from your brand. While you may enjoy the latest meme, does it really have a place in your brand? Memes are most appealing to young adults and have a playful/dark tone. If your company is energetic and can find a way to captivate its audience with a meme that's great. However, don't try too hard to make the meme fit your culture. If your brand has a serious tone, and a loyal customer base that doesn't fit into the meme culture then let others jump on the bandwagon while you rake in sales. 

Using a responsive CMS is an easy way to keep track of who your audience is, and how they respond to internet culture. By using lead generation forms you can collect the right customer data to increase conversations and form content that is right for them. Don't just test the waters, have a life jacket to keep you afloat. Having inbound marketing tools lets you see just who your audience is, and whether or not the latest meme is right for your business.  


Don't Miss A Beat 

Memes are like fashion, in one day and out the next. So, it's crucial for your brand to act fast if it decides to utilize a meme. If you're too late your prospect may think you're out of touch. Don't actively monitor every meme that comes out, that's silly, and not your job. Just be aware of your audience, and when you notice buzz around a new meme take advantage and see if your brand can utilize it. Remember, don't force it, let it happen. 

Utilizing social media scheduling tools can help keep you from falling behind. By pre-scheduling posts, you can decide when your brand's meme gets shared. Don't spend your day finding/creating content for your social media pages on top of crafting your brands' meme. There's no reason to get backed up in work. Instead, use social scheduling to push social media content out to unlimited amounts of profiles instantly.  


Don't Get the Meme Wrong 

If there's one thing you should remember from this blog it's this sentence: understand the meme first, create second. Seeing a picture of Kermit the frog drinking tea trending may result in an herbal tea company creating a meme for their business. Their caption would be "Join the green team." This would be terrible, and a huge mistake on their business. In the meme world, the photo of Kermit drinking tea is referred to as "that's none of my business." Thus, a more appropriate caption would have been "You said new year new me, yet you haven't tried our waist trimming tea, but that's none of our business." Now the meme is being utilized correctly and it still ties into the tea business. Each meme has its own meaning, so make sure you understand the meme before you create your own.  

Remember, timing is everything. While this meme seems like it could work with your business, it has already run its course and you'll need to use a new one.  


Do: Be Funny 

Memes are meant to make people laugh, so don't hold back. Memes are supposed to be funny yet have a sarcastic or satirical touch to them. This is where knowing your audience comes in. It can be difficult for all audiences to understand certain memes, so it's crucial that you know your type of consumers. If you determine that your audience can handle a meme, then don't hold back. 

Numerous brands use comedy in their favor and get ideal results. However, you need to ask yourself an important question when deciding to be funny....are you funny? Comedy isn't for everyone, and that's why there's an entire profession dedicated to the art of it. If you're not one to crack a joke, then you probably shouldn't be the one coming up with the meme that will be displayed for all of the company's devoted customers to see. Determine the humorous employee of the bunch and start crafting incredible content with them.  


Do: Add a CTA 

Evert meme your business creates should contain a CTA. Yes, CTA's are for memes also. Whether you make a video, gif, or a standard meme you need to have a CTA on the image. You're putting in the effort to create a unique meme, but without a CTA people will not know who you are. For example, Betty, who follows you, shares your meme because she found it funny and relatable. Her friend George from a different town up north then see's the meme on his feed. George could love the meme and share it also. That's great! However, the only person who knows the Meme's background is Betty. You need a CTA on every meme for you to get the credit for the original content created.  


Do: Have a Trial Audience 

We all think we are clever but testing a meme on your official Facebook page isn't a good idea. Instead, have a trial audience, and show the meme around the office. Get input and change the wording if necessary. Remember, you're shooting for funny, not insulting, and there's almost an art to how close the line is between the two when making a meme. It can be tough to balance. Your meme must be funny, can't insult your audience, and it can't be too corny.  


Do: SeedLogix 

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