October 11th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

Of all the social media sites on the web, Twitter is still a mystery to some. By only allowing 140 characters, its limitations can make it seem confining but because of the restrictions, creativity abounds. Twitter’s simplicity and popularity make it the go-to communication platform, used by CEO’s and Presidents alike. Because of its mainstream appeal, using Twitter to create your own following seems like a straightforward task. Unfortunately, like all things in life, nothing is as easy as it appears.

What Your Tweets Should be

Simply creating a Twitter account does not equate into followers. People will not follow your business unless it is entertaining and offers some sort of value. Think about your Twitter like a stream of consciousness throughout the day. Focus on what you are doing and certain industry trends. When you do tweet, try to stay informative and even fun. Just like any other form of content, the more you have, the more followers you will attract.

For example, if you run an auto-mechanic shop, most of your tweets should be about fixing cars. Tweeting about an unrelated subject will not attract the viewers you want and could confuse the followers you already have. Think of funny but non-controversial statements. Because you are representing your business, refrain from tweeting about politics or religion

Think of Twitter as a place where people go to engage with other individuals. Every tweet released should be continuing the conversation of your business. Craft each message to encourage old customers to come back and potential customers to try you out.

How to Tweet Images

You can upload more than just words on Twitter, pictures, GIFs, and videos are all shareable content. To upload content, first, you will need the file on your computer or smartphone. To attach media, click the landscape icon, located in the right-hand corner of your twitter feed.

This allows you to browse your files and find the right GIF, video, or image for your tweet. In regards to videos, there is a 30-second video limit. Use this to your advantage. People are not interested in watching extended clips on their Twitter. Make original content that is short and to the point, easy to digest.

Still want longer videos? There is a way to upload videos up to 10 minutes long. By setting up a Twitter Ad account and uploading your credit card information, you will be able to share longer videos. Although you need an account, the videos themselves are free. If your business really needs longer Twitter videos, there is a way to do so.

How to Accrue More Twitter Followers

Having excellent content and funny videos are great but without followers, nobody will see your content. There is a process of recruiting users and building your brand. Take time and invest the necessary energy into your account, it will pay off.

Like other tweets. Using Twitter to interact with other accounts is a great way to gain followers. Find other accounts in your industry and like their tweets. This shows you are an active member of the community and gives the user a notification that you liked their tweet. Find a popular account, or several, that you enjoy and like a bunch of their tweets. In some cases, this will encourage them to follow you.

Reply to tweets. While being active on Twitter, do you see other tweets you enjoy? Not only can you like them but you can reply as well. This tags the user and makes the conversation public, for both of your followers to see. Replying to tweets shows other people that you can hold a conversation with someone else. It builds up your online persona and will make your account more desirable to follow.

More Content

Just like any other content sharing platforms, the more you use Twitter, the more people will follow. Making your account attractive and fun to read will boost your social media standing. Having Twitter followers doesn’t automatically reflect into more sales but it does increase market awareness for your brand. Not taking advantage of social media, especially when it’s free, would be silly. Be a part of Twitter and let it feed into your overall business model.