January 1st, 2015

Social Marketing Strategy

People spend so much time on Facebook© and Twitter© that you begin to wonder if they ever find time to do anything else, such as work and - oh, yes, - shopping! Therefore, if you are the Chief Marketing Officer of your corporation, can you bring on next Christmas early for your company, and can you make it last for years? Yes, you can learn to take advantage of people's tendency to sidetrack them in order to fatten your company's wallet and improve the bottom lines of all its employees. This article will show six ways to accomplish this.

Add Chiclets to your Design Studio.

"Chiclets?" you say. No, not the tiny, square gum chunks! These "chiclets" are little chiclet-shaped, clickable icons, which your smart phones already use to help you access the applications ("apps") you loaded into them when you first bought the phones.

These "chiclets" are most often squared button images with rounded corners. The advantage of using them on social media sites is that they grant instant access to whatever "app" or website the company wishes without overloading the page, the phone or the user's eyeballs and brains with memory-guzzling image links or limiting the user to text links. You can also drag, drop and customize "chiclets" in your software's design studio. Furthermore, they will work great at the bottoms of your e-mails in your campaigns and on your landings.

Link, Link, Link!

Now that you have the chiclets that you want, before you put them onto your Facebook© or Twitter© site, be sure to link them to the page that contains the items you wish to sell. Use your software to generate the link so that these sites will accept it. It will be long, but you can use sites like TinyURL.com to keep them at manageable sizes for your social networking needs.

Track Your Visitors

Every visitor has to come from somewhere, even if he or she had just logged onto his or her computer, but you want to know where he or she came from so you can see how your ad in that site is doing. Furthermore, not only will you need to log incoming visitors, but outgoing links, as well. Therefore, to fill that need, most service providers will offer you demographical tracking software.

However, if the service provider does not offer such a service, you would be wise to purchase the software and add the tracker for yourself. This will help you not only to see how your ads are working in the places where they sit, but also where they are not working. In addition, this can show you if you might consider putting ads where they don't already exist.

Courtesy Goes a Long Way in Business, Too!

When Lee Iacocca took over Chrysler, suddenly, Chrysler product owners began receiving answers to their car problems. I began receiving letters from them, too, asking me how my car was. Of course, I wrote back, saying, "She's doing quite well, thank you."

I never forgot those days and all the notices that Chrysler sent me because of Mr. Iacocca's urging, and whenever someone tells me that they are going to purchase a car, I tell them to get a Chrysler product, even though Mr. Iacocca is no longer working there.

When someone tweets a nice compliment about your company, invite them over to your Facebook page using your software. Help them to feel like a good neighbor. Conversely, if they have issues with your company, use your software to ask them if you can do anything to improve that experience. The impression that you make might help them to reconsider their feelings towards your company before next Christmas.

The Olympics of Demand Generation

The London Summer Olympic games are coming up, and of course, everyone wants to see their team get the highest score and win the Gold Medal. You can do that in the online corporate world, too. Use your tweets and Facebook Friends system to your company's advantage. You begin by determining the best and worst social media situations for your company. Then, everything else falls in between on a scale of 0 - 10.

It Lives!

The software that you use to generate demand includes a "living database" that consistently updates itself. That is to say, every time you get some communication, it stores it. However, with a bit of extra work, you can make your software even more efficient. Just add custom fields, like a Twitter© handle or LinkedIn© link, and you will be able to stay in touch with these people. Alternatively, software is now coming out with them included.

With this knowledge, some money, a plan and some determination, you should do well in business. Play to win! Go for it!