November 20th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

Many companies are creating multiple Facebook accounts based on their products, locations, and audience. While it's fine to focus on building your main accounts community, it is also worth questioning if you should join the bandwagon and create multiple accounts. 


 Multiple Products or Brands 


Larger companies tend to have various products, brands, and devices. If this is true for your company then you probably need distinct accounts.  

For example, if your company produces various products like women's shaving cream and men's apparel, then owning one main account doesn't make sense. By breaking the company down into two sections titled "Business Name (beauty)," and "Business Name (apparel)", the brands are able to shine and users can easily find more information on the specific product. It's also good to note that on average women have more Facebook friends than men, thus the separate beauty account could boost your audience.  


Besides products, there is also the issue of multiple brands. Put simply, if your business has different websites for each brand then they probably need their own Facebook pages. Disney, for example, has separate accounts for their various brands such as ABC, ESPN, and Marvel Entertainment. Within these brands, they then have ABC News, ABC World News, and more.  


Separate Audience 


Creating separate pages makes it easier to please your different audiences. Publishers like Buzzfeed have become the prime example of how separating your audience can improve the company. Food lovers can follow their "Tasty" page for recipes, makeup enthusiasts can follow "Boldly" for tutorials, and the creative minded can follow "nifty" for quick fixes. By separating their products, they have increased their audience and they can now reach a specific market. 


In order to know if your business needs multiple pages, you must make sure your audience can be split up into various categories. If your brand strictly sells men's apparel then the audience will likely remain the same. However, in the shaving cream and men's apparel example, it's obvious that the brand has a separate following. 


Once separated, the next question is if the multiple accounts will confuse your audience. In some cases, a brand can make a separate account that doesn't fit the personality of its main channel.  While it's good to venture out for a new audience, it's sometimes a failed attempt if not executed correctly.  Remember, the company's core values should be reflected in every page you create no matter what the content is.  



A Following to Back-up the Split 

You know your company's products can be made into their own pages, but do you have the following to take this step? Making separate accounts makes sense for a large company, but it only works if there are dedicated users that will follow the newly divided pages. Multiple accounts may not be for your company if your brand does not yet have a social media impact.  




Multiple Locations 

Your business may want to have multiple Facebook accounts if you operate in different regions of the world. If your business is marketing to a non-English speaking audience then a separate account is crucial. Although Facebook and various platforms have translation options, it is better to make a separate page due to the cultural differences in other countries. For example, within the European Union, there are 23 official languages and 60 indigenous languages. With more than 307 million European Facebook users it is important to correctly promote your brand. 


Besides the language barrier reason, it is also necessary to use separate accounts to dig down on small communities. For example, Walmart has a Facebook page for each of their stores. This allows every city/neighborhood to feel connected to the business on a personal level. The split of accounts lets users know what's happening in their community. It would be odd to market hurricane safety kits on their main Facebook page when much of their audience isn't in the affected area. 


With local accounts, it is important to stay on top of the content. Your audience needs a reason to follow your local and main account. You can keep your local feed different from the main account by posting job openings in the specific area, and offer special promotions just for that area.  



Software to Manage Separate Accounts 


Managing various accounts can be hectic. Manually logging in and out of each page is unproductive and time wasting. By using SeedLogix your company can be in control of all separate accounts at the same time. With our "Social Media Scheduler," you can efficiently create and plan the perfect post for your accounts.