July 13th, 2018

Social Marketing Strategy

Facebook has changed the way we connect with one another 

Not only has it changed the way we interact with our friends and family, but it has also changed the way businesses and customers communicate. Reports indicate that more than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page for their company. Additionally, nearly a third of customers say them interact with companies on Facebook regularly.  

It is also likely that you are struggling to see success on your Facebook page 

It’s also entirely possible that you went to create one for your business, only to become overwhelmed trying to fit pertinent information into the correct fields. One of the dynamics of a business Facebook page that companies struggle with most is the bio. Below, you’ll find tips to help you write a useful Facebook bio for your business.   

Benefits And Value  

When crafting a Facebook bio for your business, you want to focus on the aspects of your business that set you apart and make you distinctive. Before crafting the bio, think about the things that would lead someone to pick your brand over a competitor’s brand. Whatever you come up with will be the main points to focus on in your bio When writing, you’ll want to focus on using language that conveys the value of your brand and what you offer to consumers. Although your bio is about your business, try to make it about your consumers. Focusing on informing the consumers what’s in it for them will help make your brand stand out from competitors.  

Specifics About The Bio  

When crafting the message, you want to be mindful of search engine optimization techniques. You’ll find it beneficial to include some keywords that relate to your business but be sure you do so naturally. A bio that is overstuffed with keywords will seem awkward and will not read well. If possible, try to use keywords that are geographically-specific. If you are a multi-location business, you can stress this as well while listing your locations.  

Another essential thing to include in your Facebook bio is a link to your homepage  

You can add this link to a section of the bio where you invite users to learn more about your company. You could also consider creating a landing page for those who visit your Facebook site. A landing page is a link on your website that thanks them for visiting your page and lists the next steps necessary for them to take.  

Lastly, don’t forget to include a call to action. A call to action is essential because it encourages your readers to do something. When crafting a call to action, consider using action verbs such as  

  • Call  
  • Visit 
  • Click 
  • Email  
  • Contact  

Seedlogix Can Help With Your Business’ Facebook Bio  

If you are struggling to write an effective Facebook bio for your business, contact the marketing specialists for multi-location businesses, . Seedlogix has experience with multiple dynamics of content marketing and will work to write a bio that emphasizes your corporate brand and value. Be sure to contact Seedlogix today to see your brand grow and your revenues increase.