November 17th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

You have to spend money, to make money, and Thanksgiving is not an exception. On this year's day of giving make your brand stand out by offering door stopping deals that will convert window shoppers into buyers. Whether online or in stores, this Thanksgiving is the time to boost your brand with some of our seasonal sales techniques that are sure to bring consumers and money your way.  


Thanksgiving Promo/Coupon  

Promo code. Promo code. Promo code. What customers love even more than grandma's pecan pie are amazing deals disguised as holiday savings. Offer your audience a discount on your products or services weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Customize the promo to fit into the giving day, and your business. Besides creating the codes, you also need to create a catchy name for the 96 percent of consumers who use coupons. 

If your company uses some sort of loyalty program then this is the time to give that bunch something special. These are your cream of the crop customers who you know enjoy your product enough to join a program. However, while it's great to have loyal customers, it's even better to have more. In order to increase the number of members, your company needs to advertise a Thanksgiving deal that is only available to people part of the loyalty program. This will make the current members feel special, and bring in new members.  



Winner, Winner, Thanksgiving Dinner. 

If you've ever celebrated Thanksgiving, then you know it never turns out the way you planned. The kitchen is hot, the stove is a mess, and you spilled gravy on the new slacks you bought just to walk around your kitchen in. However, your company can be the saving grace that keeps this from happening to customers. To boost your brands reach you can set up a contest to win a home-delivered Thanksgiving dinner. What's a better way to say "we care," than a free meal? Your generosity now will lead to a fuller wallet later.  


Get Personal 

Your audience wants to see that there are people behind the business. Everyone has a Thanksgiving memory, and telling your audience even the simplest of stories will allow you to gain their trust and attention. They just ate dinner, are passed out on the couch, and while scrolling through Facebook they come upon your heartwarming memory.  With a captivating story, you'll have fans lining up to try your products.  


Black Friday 

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and it should be the busiest time of your company as well. Nearly 80 million people shop on Black Friday while 35 million shop during Thanksgiving Day. Meaning people are looking for deals to gobble down, and if you deliver then your business will prosper.  



Social Media  

People want to have fun on the Holidays. Many American's have Thanksgiving Day, and the weekend off. During this time, they will not constantly be eating turkey, that would be crazy. Thus, during their downtime, you need to make sure they hear about your company. Using the SeedLogix content blogging tool you can schedule these posts ahead of time if a skeleton crew will be working that day. Remember, the holidays are fun, and your posts should be too. Get into the spirit of the season and sprinkle your pages with holiday joy.  

When we say fun, we mean have fun. Your Facebook page should have a countdown to Turkey day by the time it's November. By doing this much promotion you'll be stuffing your face with green money instead of green beans 



Give Thanks 

A simple thank you goes a long way. Thanksgiving is a time where families come together, and everything is put aside. All that matters are the important things in life, and for your business that is your customers. Tell them thank you. This step sounds extremely simple, but it's the step that will end up making you money later on. People want to feel appreciated, and if you can bring out the face behind the company then you're set to gain an audience. Take advantage of your email list, and social media sites to relay the message.