October 13th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

Who has the time to constantly be updating their social media? Creating original content for your website is time-consuming enough and keeping the ever-growing list of apps updated, forget about it. Your online presence can quickly become overwhelming, too much for one person to handle. Luckily, you are not alone and there are services out there to help automate your social media. With the help of some creative software and careful planning,  Facebook, and all other accounts can be kept up to date just as frequently as your main site.   

Wordpress Plugins for Maximum Efficiency 

If your website runs on the Wordpress platform, there are ample plugins available for connecting your content with your social media. For this post, I will be discussing the benefits of having a plugin and the features you should look for.  

My favorite plugin to use is Microblog Poster, it’s free and relatively straightforward. There are plenty of other ones that offer even better services, most of these are not free. Depending on the size of your website, these pay services could be the best option.  

The plugin allows you to connect your Twitter account, Facebook account, and whatever else you may have. You can even connect multiple accounts, allowing you to update your business and personal Twitter at the same time. When setting up each account, be sure to understand the limitations of each. For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters, if you try to post a longer page of text, it will not work.   

Setting up your plug-in should take between 15-20 minutes. And the time you save in the long run adds up quickly. Before I discovered these plugins, I was constantly logging into my other sites and rushing to keep content updated. Now, because it is all in one place, I can spend the time necessary creating original and engaging content. My social media accounts are more active and I am increasing my overall views because of it.  

Write Evergreen Content and Repost Without Shame 

 As the name implies, evergreen content consists of posts or images that continue to stay relevant through time. If you run a trucking company, for example, posts written about driver culture will have an evergreen appeal. When creating your content, try to keep a sizable portion of all your posts as timeless.   

Re-post without shame

Tips for Writing Evergreen Content 


  • Avoid using dates. Avoid using the year or even season inside your content. By staying away from time references, it will help your story ageless and have appeal when you do repost it. 
  • Don’t use pop-culture references or memes. Culture changes rapidly, what’s popular right now can seem lame a couple months later. By staying away from topics that could age your content, you can keep reblogging and receive new views. Memes are notorious for losing popularity quickly. What is funny can boost your views in the short term but if you do use a meme, don’t use it again at a later date.  
  • Keep it industry related. There is nothing wrong with posting fun blogs and content with a less professional vibe. But for your evergreen content, keeping postings focused on your business can give you a wealth of stories to republish down the road. 
  • Don’t overshare old material. Don’t use your “auto-publish” feature for old content until you have enough of it. Spamming your followers with the same content over and over again will only serve to annoy people. Most have a relatively short attention span but it’s not that short. Focus on creating more content before recycling material.   

Study Your Automation and Make it Better  

Using automation saves you time and energy. Once you have it set up, it is tempting to never look at it again. After all, you’re still publishing, no need to fix what ain’t broken. Even if nothing is broken now, there is a high likelihood of failures in the system. As websites continually update and change their layouts, your auto-publishing features might not look as pretty. Automation is an art and it takes time to perfect. The way technology moves, this process promises to be never-ending, at least it’s fun.