September 25th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

Of all the inbound marketing strategies, none is as popular and as mysterious as social media. Even the name itself implies ambiguity. What website doesn’t have social media?

Gone are the days of the Facebook monopoly, everyone now has to fight and claw out their own following. Some people may bemoan the ever more complicated social media space but more choice for consumers means better returns for your business. Never before has it been possible to target potential users and clients so specifically. With so many options and various platforms, your social media presence is all about matching the hatch.

Understand Each Site’s Audience Independently

A very common question is “what social media accounts should I have?”. The short and simple answer is all of them. Now, hear me out. This approach does not mean blanketing every website with the same generic content. It entails tailoring specific posts and engaging content to certain people on each individual site. Every user will have different methods of consumption based on their chosen social media account.

There are many, many, different websites to use for social media. I made a condensed list of the most popular:

  • Facebook: Boasting over 1 billion users, creating a Facebook account and producing content for your base has never been more important. You can create public posts, share pictures and videos, and generally, give your brand a human face.
  • Instagram: A very popular photo-sharing app, it is actually owned by Facebook but user engagement is very different. When producing content here, try to stay focused on using fun to look at images, keeping your text amount more limited than compared to Facebook.
  • Twitter: 140 characters or less is all you get. This short and sweet method of communication has proven to be extremely successful. You can make an account and gain followers if they like what you say.
  • Reddit: One of the most popular sites on the internet, its tagline is “the front page of the internet”. A myriad of various forums and “subreddits” make this site extremely addicting. There are endless possibilities to create and find groups of like-minded people.
  • Tumblr: More of a blogging site than a forum, Tumblr users are free to share anything from pictures, to words, even videos. The possibilities of content creation are endless and even the best marketer can veer off course. Stay focused on what you want and follow other users similar to yourself.
  • Youtube: Not the only video sharing site on the web, but certainly the most popular. If your business has videos, this is the place to share them. Not only can you grow a following and gain subscribers but Youtube videos are easy to embed on your homepage. Easy to use and fast, this is a must-have in terms of social media.
  • Snapchat: A unique take on social interaction and video sharing, Snapchat specializes in sending brief videos that erase themselves after you watch them. There is also a feature called your “story” where all the videos uploaded will stay viewable for 24 hours. Younger, sleek, and cool, it’s always a good idea to build up your Snapchat following.

Keep Each Account Independent

With so many social media options, it is easy to categorize every site as the same. This would be a mistake, each medium has their own user base and each group has their own unique way of communicating. Before creating content, search for your user base among the consumers of each specific website. Find hashtags and groups of people you want to sell your product to. For every social media account, you need corresponding content. If you are in the midst of a marketing campaign, feel free to relate all your posts in some way. But do not make every social media post the same. This is a one-way street to losing followers.

Learn about the users and understand what they like and dislike. Understanding their dislikes is very important, especially with the advent of memes. Because you are targeting a smaller and more specific group of people, a poorly planned marketing campaign can make you the butt of a joke.

Just like any other part of your business, the amount of effort you put in will be what you get out. Social media is fun and informal, but still important to take seriously.