November 6th, 2017

Social Marketing Strategy

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the market, with over 600 million monthly users, there is a high probability that your potential clientele is on it. With so many users and potential customers, it is in your best interest to create an account. 

 Instagram is popular because it shares pictures, they are easy to look at and most people prefer skimming pictures over blog posts any day. There are also hashtags you can use to tag your images with to help people search the algorithm for specific posts and topics. With a similar user experience to Twitter, the goal of Instagram is to gain as many followers as possible. The more followers your account has, the greater your reach is. Every time a pair of eyes read your post, your brand is being represented.  


But How do You Increase Followers? 


Followers are good and having enough will act as a free form of advertising. But people will not simply follow your account because you made one. Take a look at the following steps and start growing your Instagram today:




More specifically, posting consistency.  Instagram’s timeline is constantly updating based on time and new posts. This means, if you only post every few days, most people will miss your content. To stay fresh and keep people engaged, it is important to always have new content.   

A good rule of thumb is to post at least once a day. Giving your account plenty of content to scroll through will help encourage more followers. It will also keep your brand in the user’s face, reminding them you still exist. Plus, people are more likely to follow an account that is investing time to entertain them, especially on a reliable basis. 


Try posting your images in the morning and then in the evening. Time your posts with the rush hour commute and when most people will be on their phones. To find the best time to post, experiment with different periods of the day. The times when you receive the most likes and shares is usually indicative of the when you posts should go out.  



Having consistent posts is one thing but creating engaging content is the next half of the battle. If all you post are pictures of your logo, people will most likely not be interested. Create fun images and always stay with your business theme.  


If your business is selling fried chicken, stick with posts about fried chicken. Stay original and prevent yourself from reposting old posts. Creating content on Instagram still requires originality and passion. Putting in the time and creating an engaging account will help increase brand recognition. 

Increase Your Followers 


Expecting people to follow you based on content and consistency alone sounds great but it simply won’t happen. Everyone on Instagram wants followers just as badly as you do. Use this to your advantage, and give them some attention. Follow users who you think would be in your demographic. When you follow someone, they get a notification, and receiving a notification of a new follower is a wonderful feeling.  


When a user receives a follow notification, almost without fail, that person will click on your account to see what you’re all about. If your content is fun and consistent, there is a strong likelihood of them following you back. To find lists of potential followers, take a look at comparable Instagram accounts to your own. If your content is similar and you like their followers, click through their followers and follow everyone. This will send notifications to hundreds of people instantaneously and should garner a few follows back.  




Posting pictures and creating follower lists is all well and good but it’s not the end of the story. Like all social media apps, people are on Instagram to interact with other people. When posting, feel free to tag some of your followers in the picture. Respond to comments and show people that you are just as engaged as they are.  


Offer giveaways and contests through your Instagram, give people a reason to interact with you. Build a community and make it fun. After all, it’s social media, not a work conference.  


Instagram and Your Business 


Not using Instagram puts you at a disadvantage compared to your competition. Take the time and energy required to build a following. This is not a trend that will be replaced by something else, Instagram is here to stay.