February 14th, 2020

Social Marketing Strategy

Facebook has been a marketing mainstay for over a decade, and businesses learn more and more each year just how powerful marketing on Facebook can really be. The issue for many of today’s businesses, however, is keeping up with the Facebook trends, and making sure that they’re not just marketing for their audiences but marketing for their audiences at this current time. The same strategies your business may have used back in 2012 to connect with your audiences might not be the same strategies you should be using to connect with these same audiences in 2020.


To see how these trends are changing, one simply needs to look at their own social media use. Social media is a living, breathing, and evolving thing, and our own interactions on social media platforms like Facebook have evolved significantly in the last decade. For businesses, this means learning what the trends are, learning how to morph their strategies to meet these trends, and to project what the next trends may be so they can continue keeping up.


Tips For Marketing On Facebook Today


Facebook is still a powerhouse, with over 2 billion monthly active users using the platform. While newer social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have been talked about quite a bit in recent years, Facebook continues to trod along with immense popularity. A few tips for marketing on Facebook for the year 2020 are:


  • Make sure you have the right business page – While the Facebook of a decade ago was pretty cut and dry in terms of marketing for businesses, things have grown more complicated in recent years. First and foremost, you’ll want to have the right type of business page, which is quite different than the personal pages that individuals use. Facebook has 6 classification types: local business or place, artist, company, entertainment, product, and cause or community. Having the right type of business page will ensure you’re found by your desired audiences.


  • Prioritize your photos – Facebook has grown far more visual than it was before, particularly after its acquisition of Instagram. For this reason, it’s important to have your business page loaded with high quality photos and images that really represent your brand, what you offer, and who you are.


  • Balance your content – Keep your content balanced for optimal engagement, and this should be made up of around 70% original posts. Self-promotional content should only be posted around 10% of the time, as you don’t want your Facebook to seem like an advertisement over an opportunity for engagement.


  • Use analytics to monitor your progress – Facebook analytics tools help you to monitor your progress, engagement, and what is or isn’t working for you. Use these tools to determine how to shift your posts and your engagement going forward.


Making An Impact On Social Media


Social media has never been more important for businesses, and Facebook is one of the most important platforms out there. To learn more about marketing with Facebook for 2020, contact us at SeedLogix today.