July 1st, 2015

Social Marketing Strategy

Does your business use Google+? Are you trying to extent the visibility of your brand online? With the right approach, you can increase your following with only a few minutes of work. Below you can learn about six simple techniques that can help you improve your Google+ page, increasing your visibility in a SERP virtually overnight.

Optimizing Content for Google

Anytime someone follows you on Google+, it increases the chance that they'll see what you've posted within a Google search. For example, if you just wrote a post about Internet Marketing, your next marketing-related search would likely include that post prominently included among the search results. While the everyday person is unlikely to get their content into the first page of a SERP, especially when using competitive keywords, anyone can reach the coveted first page of results for individuals who are following them on Google+.

Google+ Business Activity

Most social networks provide little leeway in terms of what you can do on your business page. On Facebook, you can only comment on pages. On LinkedIn, you can do almost nothing beyond the constraints of your own profile. On Google+, you're a virtually unrestrained user.

Taking advantage of this freedom is easy. Begin by heading to your profile image, and then cycle through all of your pages to choose which page you want to post as. Once you've selected your business, you can comment on any public post, join communities, create events, and even start hangouts. This kind of cross-profile engagement can help provide you with considerable exposure for our business, allowing you to gradually grow your following by reaching new audiences.

Introductory Key Links

When your website is verified, Google+ will automatically place the URL on several places throughout your page. This includes near the top of the page adjacent to the follow button, and near the about section at the bottom of the page. But there are several places your URL can be useful that Google will not automatically use for you. One such place is the in the personal/profile section for the introduction to your page. This section allows you to add an indefinite number of links that will appear under your "about" information.

Local business pages should note that they can use the contact information section to write text around these links to use a call to action driving people to click on to your site. That means, rather than just seeing a URL to your site, you can provide your next Google+ viewer specific reasons to explore further. This is also an excellent opportunity to direct traffic to specific services or product pages rather than to a general URL.

Scheduling Content Consistently

The Internet can help you can find several management tools that enable you to post Google+ updates automatically. One prominent example is BuzzBundle, which can help users post content and manage their profiles from one place. BuzzBundle is free to use for up to two accounts, meaning you don't need to pay to manage your personal and business accounts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

After you've connected your accounts with BuzzBundle, you can create a news stream for all of your updates and comment on popular posts directly from the app. This can help you keep a close eye on the latest industry happenings, new +1 alerts, and comments, and the like. You can also create scheduled posting, ensuring that your content gets published in a consistent stream whether you're online or not.

Join and Start Communities

Communities on Google+ are akin to groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. The primary difference is that Google+ communities allow you to post as either your business or personal page when participating or creating these entities. Whenever you create a Google+ community with your business, that page is featured both in the about tab and your post page. The community itself will clearly feature its creator, and information about your business will be prominently displayed in the about box. If creating your own community sounds too taxing, consider joining existing ones. Active participation in relevant communities can go a long ways toward raising awareness of your own business or personal pages.

Use Collections

The Google+ collections feature is a means of helping users organize their content by topic. For example, you might separate your curated, original, and comedy posts into separate collections, enabling your fans to easily follow only the collections that interest them. For pages that update numerous times each day, Google+ collections can be an invaluable way to organize content without overwhelming your audience.

To make a collection, head to the collections page and select the "Create a Collection" button. You'll be prompted to set the privacy level and choose a cover photo before finishing. Once created, you can post directly into your new collection, and those posts will automatically appear in your regular Google+ page. Because collections automatically gain all your current followers, a new collection will have the same visibility as your current profile, but will help your fans choose to follow you or one specific set of collections from there on out.

Starting Up

As you've seen, creating more visibility for your brand doesn't have to be difficult. By taking advantage of content optimization, key links, communities, collections, and consistent scheduling, just about anyone can improve reach and engagement for their brand. Consider spending a few minutes thinking about how your own brand can take advantage of these ideas, and you'll be well on your way to achieving those results.