July 21st, 2015

Social Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is an important tool for every entrepreneur and the business he or she represents. The social media landscape is an environment where thousands of would-be visitors are just waiting to hear about your content, but Social Media Marketing isn't as easy as many people think. It takes time, effort, and a bit of technical know-how.

Social Media Marketing isn't as simple as just posting status update after status update, or posting tweet after tweet with the occasional trend-relevant hashtag. It requires you to understand certain subtleties about your audience and the market you're involved in. Your Social Media Marketing campaign might sound great on paper, but when it's time to finally execute it, you might find it falling flat on its face.

Featured below are five possible reasons why your Social Media Marketing campaign isn't gaining enough traction.

You're not trying to make your audience care enough

Social Media Marketing is all about leaving an impression in people's minds. While it's true that you want people to like and share your content, more importantly, you want people to care. Social Media Marketing functions through electronic word of mouth. You want users to share your content to their extended networks. They're not going to share your posts, promos, or announcements if they don't care about the things you produce.

If all you're doing is posting status updates about your latest blog posts, sales, or promos, you're never going to be able to build a connection with your audience. As a content creator, it's your responsibility to build a community around yourself. Your Social Media Marketing endeavor is going to hit a dead end if most of your followers can't be bothered to share your content because you mean nothing to them.

Once in a while, focus on building a loyal fan base. Make posts that aren't blatant self-promotions. Try to connect with your audience by encouraging discussion on issues related to your content. Talk about the latest news. Share your opinions about a local trend. Make people care about what you have to say. Your Social Media Marketing campaign is going to go a lot smoother once you've established a loyal fan base.

You're not focusing on the right platforms

Every social media platform is different. Some platforms do a better job catering to certain demographics than others. Pinterest, for example, has a mainly female user base. So if you're focused on selling products and services for girls, you should be paying a bit more attention to Pinterest than other platforms. Meanwhile, Facebook is great for organizing events, Twitter is excellent for building communities, Google+ is good for SEO, and Instagram is wonderful for image-heavy blogs and websites.

Younger users mostly use fast-moving platforms like Twitter and Facebook for long periods of time, while older users usually just open their social media accounts once or twice a day. Know what platform you should be focusing on to maximize your presence online.

Your content isn't standing out

Before involving yourself in Social Media Marketing, make sure that you're actually promoting something that people haven't seen before. If you're not publishing something unique, people won't have any incentive to check out and eventually share your content. Remember that first and foremost, you want to stand out and you want to leave an impression in people's minds. You're not going to be able to do that if the content you're producing can be found anywhere else.

Stick to your niche but set yourself apart from the competition. Do something different and daring. Promote yourself with a bit of humor and wit. Offer unique services or promos that can't be found anywhere else. Do anything necessary to build your brand while at the same time being fundamentally unique.

You're not paying attention to what works and what doesn't

Pay attention to the numbers. Find out which approach works best. Don't just flood people's news feeds or only tweet on a schedule. Look at what works and what doesn't. Are you getting more results posting in the middle of the day than at night? Are you targeting the right demographic?

Part of being an entrepreneur, and to an extent, a content creator, is knowing when to stop if something isn't working. Social Media Marketing relies on figuring out what your audience wants. Flexibility is very important if you want to promote yourself on social media platforms. If a particular approach isn't bringing in numbers, don't be afraid to give it up and try something else.

You're not sharing your content enough

Remember to try and hit multiple time zones. Post your content more than once, making sure to put a few hours in between each post. Your click-through and exposure rates should increase substantially when you reach out to people from all over the world.

At the same time, don't be afraid to re-launch or repackage your content for different types of audiences. Maximize your exposure in social media. Your initial post can still get buried in people's news feeds. There's no harm in making sure that your followers don't miss your latest blog post or promo by posting the content more than once.