April 23rd, 2018

Social Marketing Strategy

It’s important to remember that social media for multi-location businesses should be a money maker and not a time waster. When you sit in front of your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn and stress over what you should post, you’re wasting valuable time and effort that could be spent spreading your brand awareness. Today’s franchise business owner is too busy to spend time overthinking their social media posts, but social media is too important in today’s modern world to ignore.  


Time Spent And Time Wasted Using Social Media  

According to a recent survey performed by Marketing Charts, the average American spends around 3.2 hours every single day interacting with their social media accounts. According to this same survey, today’s business owner spends around 50 percent or more time using social media than even that. Of all types of business professionals, even senior executives, marketers spend the most time using social media, and a good bit of that time is most like to be unintentionally wasted.  

Looking at the time invested versus time wasted is where the real distinction lies. Time spent using social media for franchise businesses can be really beneficial, but this is only the case if time invested outweighs the time wasted coming up with relevant and engaging content. Finding and posting content is the most time-consuming practice, with engagement and answering questions the least. Businesses of all sizes value the importance of strong social media content but want to reach that content while saving time rather than wasting it.  

On average, the amount of time wasted during the average week on different social media actions are: 

1.5 hours wasted figuring out what actions have the best ROI  

1.3 hours wasted finding content to post

.5 hours wasted figuring out how to use platform functions

1.25 hours figuring out what competitors are doing

.75 hours answering questions and engaging

.5 hours monitoring follow-ups

1 hour wasted on distraction  
By using the right system, you can save multiple hours per week managing your social media. For franchise businesses, this means wasting less time while still reaching those local audiences you’re looking to connect with. Four techniques to help you to save time on social media are:  

Post using a social media management system

Automating your social media posting using a social media management system is one of your most important steps, and should be one of your first. An automated system will keep you on a regular social media schedule, and allow you to cater your posts to each individual platform without wasting time.  

Budget 30 minutes per day for scoping

While an automated system will put your content out for you, you’ll still need to find the content. By budgeting 30 minutes per day, or around 30 minutes per day, to finding content to post, you’ll limit yourself from falling into a search rabbit hole and becoming distracted, and you’ll be able to work faster to find consistent content.  

Have a customer service representative in charge of engagement

Rather than taking time away from other marketing or social media tasks, answering those customer questions and partaking in that engagement can be allocated to a customer service representative.  

Analyze metrics and report ROI using a reporting system

Rather than measuring ROI by measuring engagement, which just wastes time, a reporting system will provide accurate results for you.  

Save time with SeedLogix  

Saving time and using time wisely maximizes your social media efforts. For managing social media for your multi-location business, contact SeedLogix today.