May 14th, 2018

Social Marketing Strategy

People spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter that you begin to wonder if they ever find time to do anything else, such as work. Fatten your company's wallet and improve the bottom lines of all its employees with social media marketing. Three ways to do this include: 

Track Your Visitors

Every visitor has to come from somewhere, even if he or she had just logged onto his or her computer, but you want to know where he or she came from so you can see how your ad in that site is doing. Furthermore, not only will you need to log incoming visitors, but outgoing links, as well.

Courtesy Goes a Long Way in Business

When someone tweets a nice compliment about your company, invite them over to your Facebook page. Conversely, if they have issues with your company ask them if you can do anything to improve that experience. The impression that you make might help them to reconsider their feelings toward your company.

Schedule Your Posts

By scheduling your posts you can generate a larger audience, and create demand on your social sites. With a central CMS, like SeedLogix's, you can schedule your social posts weeks, months, even years in advance! This allows you to be ahead of schedule, and on top of your social media game. Have an upcoming event? Draft a promotion in advance and enjoy the benefits of organizing your posts. 

Generate Demand with SeedLogix

Using SeedLogix's ultimate solutions your multi-location business can thrive in any industry, and every location. Contact SeedLogix to learn more about our inbound marketing solutions customized for your business.