November 8th, 2019

SEO Strategy

SEO, or search engine optimization, should always be one of the cornerstones of your online marketing campaign.  Whether you’re a local company that’s just starting out or a major corporation and a household name across the world, SEO helps bring new customers to your website and increases the chances that these visitors will find what they’re looking for and buy what you’re offering.  A good SEO strategy can improve your business in a number of ways.




No matter what kind of business you’re in, you’ll want your website to be one of the first names that pop up when someone starts searching for what your company provides.  The higher you rank, the better the chances are that someone will visit your site even if they’d never heard of your business before.  When you optimize your site for search engines, you essentially advertise yourself as the solution that the person using the search engine needs.  That means your visibility will go up as more people find your site.


Customer Targeting


Proper SEO isn’t about getting the most visitors possible, it’s about getting the visitors who are most likely to buy your products, sign up for your services, subscribe to your content, or however else your business model works.  That means you need to target the keywords and phrases that people search for when they’re ready to buy what your company offers.  By taking this targeted approach, you’ll raise your conversion rate even as you raise your traffic rate.


Long-Term Results


By building an online presence on social media and creating an SEO-friendly website with plenty of content, you’ll make it much more likely for someone to come across your company as time goes on.  Paying for an ad will improve your company’s visibility for as long as the ad campaign continues, but once it’s over it’s gone for good.  On the other hand, the content you create for SEO will still be there months and years after you first posted it, and while it’s not as visible as a new post it can still draw in a few new visitors.


Small Investment, Big Results


One of the best reasons to focus on SEO is the fact that it’s not very expensive to do.  A lot of it has to do with choosing the right keywords and metadata and linking to other sites so search engines can find you, and that’s not even hard to do.  The hardest part of SEO is creating new content regularly, but even that is easy and cheap if you have someone on your team who understands social media or who knows how to write well.  And even if you don’t, you can find companies that can provide extra content for you.


Online marketing can be a complicated field with a lot of information to sort through, but one thing that’s always true is that your company needs search engine optimization.  As for the rest, you can rely on SeedLogix to help you sort the data and automate part of the marketing process to make things simpler.  Have a look at our website for more information.