April 24th, 2018

SEO Strategy

Your blog content could be your most effective strategy for search engine optimization. The more relevant and trusted your blog, the higher the ranking, and the more likely these prospects will be to stumble upon the information you provide. For franchise and multi-location brands blog content can consist of corporate brand content as well as content at individual franchisee websites, the latter sort driving local audiences to franchisee locations relevant to their area and their needs.  


Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?  

Search engine optimization is important for a few different reasons. When your website and blogs are optimized, you’re giving your website a visibility boost that makes it more likely to be found by relevant audiences. When prospects take to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and they type in certain search terms, you want those search terms to match up with the terms you use in your content to bring your website to the forefront of their search results.  

Search engine algorithms are what make SEO tricky. Not only does this algorithm take into consideration things like keywords, they also incorporate relevancy and intent as well, placing not only relevant keywords into search results but keywords from websites providing genuine and trustworthy information.  


Tips For Optimizing Your Blog Content  

If you wish to get the most from your blog in terms of search engine optimization, a few tips can help. Some tips for search engine optimizing your blogging content include:  

The quality, not quantity, of keywords

When considering SEO, it may be tempting to try to fit in as many keywords as possible into your content. More keywords means reaching more audiences, right? Not quite. Search engine algorithms now flag what they determine to be keyword stuffing as being less trustworthy, so you want to focus on one to two longer keywords instead. Rather than a bunch of short keywords, try incorporating a couple of keyword phrases or questions that cater to your desired audiences specifically.  

Putting your keywords in their place

Once deciding on the one or two long keywords you plan to use, it’s time to learn just how to use them. Ideally, you want to place these keywords into your title tag or headline, your headers and body, your URL, and your meta description.  

Focus on mobile friendliness

In today’s modern age, more people seek out their search engine of choice from their mobile phone than they do their PC or laptop. For this reason, make sure your blog is mobile friendly, and it can be accessed and read easily from any sort of mobile device from smartphones to tablets. Using responsive design, mobile ready blog pages will even share in the same URL as their respective PC versions.  

Use your meta description

Meta description space given by search engines has risen to 300 characters, providing readers with more space for insight about content before they click. Because your meta description is the window into your content, make use of this space and include the long keyword of your choice while also keeping it attention-grabbing and relevant.  


Blog Optimization For Franchise And Multi-Location Businesses  

Blog optimization allows franchisees and multi-location business branches to reach out to specific local audiences in a tailored way, while also optimizing visibility on search engine rankings. To learn more about search engine optimization and your blog content, contact SeedLogix today.