October 5th, 2017

SEO Strategy

Finding ways to increase views to your company website is a never-ending challenge. As search engines continually evolve and consumer habits proceed at a rapid pace. Focusing on increasing readers has never been more important. The more views you can elicit, the larger your potential client base will be. More views mean more leads and potentially, more sales. But in order to take advantage of your viewers, it is important to use the right methods and increase popularity using techniques that ultimately will help your business thrive.

  • Properly execute SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to the correct use of words and layout throughout the content on your site. As search engines continually scan the internet and categorize websites, they are searching for keywords that denote quality content.

Use keywords that succinctly describe the topic you are writing about. Search Google for similar articles to discover which words are trending. Make sure to include the most popular keyword in your title, this alerts the reader that your content is written for them.

Clean SEO also means well structured, easy to read writing. This entails using headers throughout your writing. Make the copy easy to skim. Most people don’t read every word anyway and allowing for quicker digestion of material will increase the popularity of your site.

Link to other websites, even your own. Adding links to related articles or even some of your previous blogs will help establish your website as a worthwhile click. Search engines recognize link building as vitally important. Readers enjoy linking as well. It offers a more in-depth way to interact with the content they are reading.

Be careful and don’t overuse this method, too many links or linking to the same pages will quickly drop your website from favorability.

  • Have the right content

Writing content is one thing, but are you writing the right content? If you want readers to interact with your website, then write content that encourages them. Focus on keeping them interested in the product you are selling. Incorporate a CTA (LINK TO CTA BLOG HERE) that offers a unique perspective on your business. Don’t waste your time creating content that has no similarities with your overall business model. Attracting viewers who will never buy your service is a waste of time. Stay away from clickbait articles, it is better to attract 100 potential users than 1000 tire kickers. Focus on the demographic you want to be selling to, make your content speak to the right people.

Use images and video to make your website even more appealing. Sure, reading is great, but so are Youtube videos. Try changing it up and see how your viewers respond. As always, focus your content on supporting the overall business. No need to promote videos that will not help you make a sale.

  • Use Facebook

Notice how I did not use the term social media, I am talking about specifically Facebook. It is the largest and most popular social media site on the planet, be sure to utilize it. Facebook has changed their search algorithm making organic searches of business more difficult. It was changed to favor a more inclusive friends circle and encourage polarity. This is not all bad news, but it does mean paying for as placement is now the best option at attracting viewers. Use Facebook ads to promote a blog post and bring users to your website.

Work on building your page and its followers. Having a large enough presence on Facebook can make advertising even easier. Once your page has a large enough crowd, you can spend your time and energy advertising to people who are already interested in your business.

  • PPC campaigns

Having a Google Adwords account and utilizing it for PPC campaigns is a must have if you hope to attract more website views. Finding the right keywords is everything. Targeting the wrong search queries puts your ad in front of people who are not interested in your business. Only spend money on your target group of consumers.

It is also important not to spend more money than your product is worth. It would be downright silly to spend $100 marketing for a sale that only brings in $50. That is not a good investment. Focus your ads to benefit your bottom line but don’t get too caught up in the marketing where you end up losing money.