August 30th, 2019

SEO Strategy

When you have a question, or you’re simply wondering about something, what is the first thing you do? For many, the answer is take to your favorite search engine. Whether you’re using Yahoo, Google, or Bing, you plug your search terms into the search engine and you’re greeted with a list of results that address just what you want to know. Usually, you’ll find your answer on that first page and you’re back on your way about your day. 

Looking at this from the standpoint of a website owner, it’s pretty important to get on that first page, and even more important to get into that first handful of results. If you’re unsatisfied with your website’s SEO ranking, there are some things you can do to improve where your website falls on the list. 

Tips For Improving Your SEO 

When it comes to improving your SEO, there’s a lot of information out there, some of which may be conflicting. One thing is for certain, however, and that is the sheer importance of improving SEO and what it can do for your website as a whole. A few tried and tested tips for improving your SEO include: 

  • Increase your page loading speed – If your website takes more than just a few seconds to load, either on a PC or on a smartphone, it’s likely to be a website that gets skipped over. Today’s modern age is all about instant gratification, and this includes the service we get from websites. If your page takes longer than a few seconds, visitors are likely to skip on by in favor of a faster website to visit. Google recognizes page speeds, and places those that take longer to load lower on the list.
  • Get a blog going – You may have heard about the importance of content marketing before, but hearing about it and listening to it are two different things. Even today too many businesses ignore the importance of content as it pertains to their SEO rankings. Search engines will crawl your site more consistently, it aids in lead generation, and it brings visitors right to your website’s front door.
  • Make use of multimedia – A website that consists of only words isn’t going to be very interesting to visitors, and therefore isn’t going to rank high on the list. Listening, watching, and viewing on top of reading helps your website to engage better, and therefore rank higher on those important search engine lists.

Get Yourself Noticed 

You can’t expect to get noticed if your audiences can’t find you, and it’s these organic visitors you want to turn into leads, hits, and potential customers. When you invest in your SEO, you invest in your visibility, and create a more sustainable website atmosphere that really propels your business forward. Too many of today’s businesses focus on the website without focusing on the SEO aspect, which might turn all of their efforts into something of a ghost town. To learn more about improving your website’s SEO, contact us at SeedLogix today.