April 13th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

It’s important to remember that the digital marketing world is one that is ever-changing. New trends are emerging all the time that require marketers to evolve and adapt to meet the new needs of a fluid market. For multi-location brands looking to attract high-quality leads, this means always being ready to step outside of your comfort zone to get them.  

Being placed outside of your comfort zone, you’re always facing a new challenge. There are plenty of growth hacking strategies CMOs and marketers can use, but it’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and require that extra helping hand. A digital marketing agency is that helping hand and can make these transitions to following new trends just that much easier.  

What Can A CMO Get Out 
of a Third-Party Digital Marketing Agency?

The most talented and adaptable CMOs and marketing teams may believe they have no need for a digital marketing agency, but regardless of your level of comfort with the ever-changing market, a third-party can always lend a helping hand. A few benefits of seeking the help of a digital marketing agency include:  


Always stay industry-relevant  

It can be difficult to juggle the latest developments across various digital marketing trends while still staying relevant and up to date on the meat of your content all at once. If marketers fall behind on what is happening, unfolding, and changing in their respective industry, they risk falling behind and losing the race for leads. With a third-party digital marketing agency, your brand can focus on its product and its message, while the agency keeps CMOs and marketing teams up to date on all the latest digital marketing developments.  


Become better industry storytellers 

Digital marketing agencies are comprised of experienced professionals in not only defining your brand’s message but spreading it effectively to leading industry players. Better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000 percentUnless a brand has limitless overhead in their marketing budget, it’s tough to acquire the type of talent needed to cover what an entire team of storytelling marketing professionals in a digital marketing agency can do.  


Professional native ads emphasis 

With the professional experience of a digital marketing agency, your ads can be seen across social media creating an effective native ad emphasis. Native advertising is a stand-out marketing trend, and crafting a strategy is an arduous task that requires quite a bit of specific experience paired with data-based decision making.  


Programmatic Buying to shorten the customer journey 

Advertising that helps to automate the decision-making process by targeting specific audiences and demographics requires data-driven and highly skilled marketing professionals. While in-house marketers may have the ability to master the programmatic buying experience, it will take quite a bit of time and resources dedicated to this single outlet, and for this reason, may be best allocated to a digital marketing agency.  


Digital Marketing Agencies for Multi-Location and Franchise Businesses  

Enlisting the help of a professional digital marketing agency is something to consider for all brands, but it’s particularly relevant to multi-location or franchise businesses. With the need to not only attract attention to the corporate brand but also specific location-based audiences at the same time, the help of a digital marketing agency can ensure all needs are being met while staying relevant in all industry-based marketing trends. To learn more about what the assistance of a digital marketing agency can do for your multi-location brand, contact SeedLogix today.