December 11th, 2017

Multi Inbound Marketing

Owning a multi-location business allows you to have both a corporate and a local presence. The benefits of being everywhere at the same time are one of the reasons you have been successful. As the internet continues to advance, it has made leach location even more important.  

At the advent of the World Wide Web, internet connection made centralized businesses flourish. It allowed for mass communication on a grand scale, all that was needed was a website. As internet connection has become ubiquitous and people carry smartphones, the medium of communication is more complicated than it was during the early 90's. Apps and websites are growing in size and scope every day. The polarization of consumers is more apparent than ever and the lines that are drawn are reflective of reality and geography.  

Geographic stratification is the reality we live in thanks to GPS chips located in cell phones. With nearly every app tracking where we are and what we do on a daily basis, none is more prevalent than Facebook. Taking full advantage of their placement on every phone, Facebook expertly tracks and collects data on the movements of nearly every user on the interface.  

Facebook's data and information are akin to gold for multilocation businesses. Because we can now track people's hyperlocal consumer and travel habits, it makes selling products that much easier. Before, having only one website was deemed sufficient for market penetration. Now, we know that people are more likely to engage with businesses who are more relatable. Geographic location is one of the metrics of relatability 


Local Facebook Pages for Local Views 

Having a Facebook page for your corporate brand is a no-brainer. Most likely, you have one that is actively engaging a userbase. While this is great, it is only part of the battle. Targeting demographics in the specific territories where you sell will prove to be a worthwhile investment.  

Having a local strategy translates into building a Facebook page for every location in your sales network. Depending on the size of your business, this could potentially be a monumental task.  


Centralizing Your Local Reach 

The benefits of using a centralized website make producing content fast and easy. You can focus on broad industry trends and write overreaching stories that will benefit every location, no matter what part of the country it is in.  

This strategy can still be used with multiple Facebook pages. The beauty of having local reach is reflected in distribution capabilities. Local people are more likely to subscribe to your local branch as opposed to the corporate page. While this may seem disadvantageous at first, it actually presents an opportunity. 

The same content written for the corporate site can still be posted on your local sites. The majority of viewers won't know the difference! Keep your branding and marketing team in a central location and simplify the production of content. This reduces labor costs and helps to manufacture a centralized theme and message.  


Building the Local Distribution Network 

Your local Facebook pages are focused on connecting corporate content with local viewers. In order to be successful, every local page needs to be creating value and building a following in their respective territory.  The best way to build a local presence is with constant engagement.  

Leaving the content production to a central location will improve the overall quality of the local page. It also allows local agents autonomy over the pages. As long as the overall theme is being controlled by the corporate headquarters, simple comments, liking, and general activity can be placed in the hands of your local team.  

When people comment on the local Facebook site, liking and responding will help build brand recognition. The number of people on Facebook commenting pales in comparison to the number of "lurkers". Don't worry too much about appeasing the commenter directly. Speak to the wider audience that is also reading your reactions. Your ultimate goal is to garner good-will and show people your business is part of the local fabric of the community.  

Building a network of Facebook accounts will help more people become connected to your business. Create centralized content and simultaneously encourage engagement on a local level across all territories.