November 19th, 2017

Multi Inbound Marketing

The challenges facing a multi-location business are inherently unique, especially compared with singular location companies. Balancing both a corporate brand with a local presence can prove to be a marketing nightmare.  

Not to worry! The challenges of multi-location businesses are what we do best at SeedLogix. 

Creating an umbrella strategy that will work for every territory is the hallmark of a successful marketing strategy. It is necessary to create a campaign that is both unique on a local level and broad enough to rank nationally. When you are having fun creating a marketing campaign, the emotion will bleed into your work. Your customers will be able to tell and will likely have just as much fun engaging with you. 

The following seven tips offer ideas for creating a friendly and fun marketing campaign.  

1. Fun Videos 

When people search for a solution to their problems, Google will show the highest-ranking websites that offer the best solution. A recent development in the search algorithm has been the inclusion of YouTube videos As the data proves, consumers prefer watching a video as opposed to reading an article about a topic. Creating how-to videos and instructions related to your business can help increase the views to your overall business. And the best part about videos is that all your territories can use the same ones.   

2. Exciting content 

Content includes blogs, videos, and general company information. Writing out your website like a classroom lecture will put your readers to sleep.  Keep your content exciting. If your company has inside jokes, include potential customers in on the humor.  Show pictures of the office pet and write fun to read bios about your employees.  

3. Local Promotions 

Taking advantage of local market penetration is how being a multi-location business is advantageous. Even if your overall content is nationally oriented, creating local promotions for territories will give your company that small town vibe. Push out coupons and deals to an email list that serves a specific zip code. Customize the language for that specific town and incorporate local events into your marketing. 

4. CTA's 

Building a CTA on your website is a great way to elicit email addresses. Keeping it fun, however, is an art form. Think of clever phrases and maybe even a meme that lets people know how important their email address is. Try giving out a free product or a coupon in return for the user's information 

5. Email Campaigns 

Once your business has collected enough emails, using them for targeted campaigns is a real possibility. Email campaigns can allow your business to send out a corporate message or break down the various emails by location and interest. This is your chance to build relationships with customers. 

6. Unique Websites for Each Location 

Copying content is strongly frowned upon at Google. When Google was first ranking sites, many could simply copy the most popular site, or a Wikipedia page, and Google would favorably rank them.  Thankfully, this has changed and websites who participate in such behavior lose their rankings, quickly.   

This goes for website URL's as well. If you are building child sites for every location, having a unique address will let Google know that each site is different. Posting content on one blog can help boost every site's ranking's because the blog post is receiving the authority of all your other websites. This creates a media blitz that most potential customers will not be able to ignore 

7. Social Media Interaction 

Openly talking and interacting with your demographic through social media is almost as good as talking to them face to face. Questions about your services and products can be thrown your way in real time. Providing helpful and unique answers show how much of an authority you are. Being a human online and answering questions proves that you are not a bot. It also helps to build your following and increase brand awareness. 

Marketing Should be Fun 

Interacting with your customers shouldn't be seen as a chore. The human side of your business is usually the most rewarding aspect of the job. Project your knowledge and confidence into the world and engage with your customer base.