March 26th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

Email marketing can be one of your most effective tools in reaching audiences all over for your multi-site company. What differentiates a successful email marketing campaign from an unsuccessful one? The key to email marketing success is simple, and with the help of a CMS specializing in multi-site solutions, it'll be no sweat. 


5 Characteristics of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Personalize your “from” field  

You want your email marketing to be personalized, and your “from” field is a great tool for that. An email that doesn’t have a personal touch has a spam feel to it, so you want recipients to know it’s being sent to them by you with purpose. A detailed and personal warm wrap up to your email sends the right impression.  

Use your subject line 

The subject line is the first thing your recipients are like to read when they open their email and see the marketing email sent from your brand. For this reason, it’s an important opener, and first impressions should always be taken seriously. You should use your subject line to say something enticing and to hint at the story you’re telling when the email is opened.  

Tell a story with personality and humor  

A story really hooks readers in and keeps them interested throughout the entirety of the email. No matter the industry your multi-site business is in, creating a story with personality and humor will spice up your marketing emails and improve your click-through rates. Embrace your message and your brand in your story and use it as a spotlight to get your message across.  

Reach out often


It’s tough to forget someone when they communicate with you regularly, and the same rings true with email marketing. Automated email marketing that sends emails regularly is a great idea to incorporate into your email marketing strategy. A great way to incorporate this idea is to, if your brand supplies a product, send an email after purchase to showcase different ways to use the product. In this type of scenario, you keep yourself fresh in the minds of the consumer, and you provide useful information recipients will remember.  

Use your brand personality  

Your brand personality, the one you’ve crafted using engaging social media and interactive websites, is what your audiences fall in love with. Don’t allow this personality to fall by the wayside in your email marketing. A feeling of real human connection is a big selling point for many, and you want this human touch to come through in your emails. Using your brand personality will make recipients want to engage with the content you send.  

Successful Email Marketing for Multi-Site Companies  

Multi-site companies have specific needs when it comes to their email marketing, particularly that which is targeted to local audiences. These unique needs don’t mean you should skip the characteristics of a successful campaign, and if anything, they make these keys even more important. When catering to local audiences, using your personal voice that matches the region you want to communicate with is exactly what you should strive to do.  

While handling a successful email marketing campaign for a multi-site company with various lists and targeted local areas seems like an overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be. Using the right CMS software and specialized professionals helps you to not only craft the perfect campaign, but one that is able to reach your various lists in just the way you want to.  


If you’ve been striving for a successful email marketing campaign for your multi-site company, contact SeedLogix today to see what CMS solutions can do for you.