January 25th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all the rage. As your own marketing agency grows, it can be hard to find the appropriate software to use across all clients. As a multi-location and multi-territory company, finding the appropriate software for your needs can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

SeedLogix provides multi-site CMS built to handle the needs of large and extended businesses. We give marketing agencies powerful client software that makes management easy. 


Build Scalable Marketing Infrastructure 

One of the largest challenges facing marketing agencies is organization capacity. As more clients are brought on, keeping track of content and marketing data can be overwhelming. This is where having the right software becomes important. Take a look at the following list and use it as a helpful guideline for choosing the right technical skeleton for your business.  


  • Centralized backend.  Launching new websites should be the easy part of your job, not the hard part. Every client needs at least one and some businesses require 100's of websites. Instead of arduously creating independent URL's, find a program that will let you build an unlimited amount from the backend.  

Worthwhile programs will let you create as many URLs as demanded, all from the same location. Whether you want to create 1 or 100 websites, the process should be just as easy. After all, the best part about the internet is not having space restrictions on what can be created. 

With an easy to use website, deploying individual landing pages should be a breeze. Conduct A/B testing across a wide range of industries and clients with a centralized back end. Marketing is all about data collection and the easier it is, the better your results will be.  


  • Marketing Automation Tools. Giving each of your clients a personalized experience is what makes your firm great. Having ways to automate the process will allow for scalability without losing the personal touch. Using a simple to use platform will ensure easy adoption of the software, making employees that much more efficient.  

Of all the marketing techniques to be employed, none is as important or as tedious as Email campaigns. Find a marketing solution that allows for mass emailing's to all your clients. Conduct thorough testing of CTA's, letting you discover better ways to generate leads.  

Another facet of automation involves social media campaigns. Implementing methods of high-speed Twitter and Facebook posting can save valuable time. It will also increase follower totals and overall engagement. Using social media to your advantage can pay off in huge lead generation dividends.  


  • Data analytics.  What good is the work that you're doing if there is no way to measure it? Showing your clients, the growth that you helped create is the best way to retain business. Using a marketing solution that measures all of your metrics will make presenting what you do that much easier.  

Let your clients see how well they rank on Google (and Bing). Aggregate all of the analytics from every website, landing page, and blog, into a single view. Business owners are busy, that's why they hired you. Present easy to read graphs and use visuals to assure them of a positive ROI.  

Another excellent feature your software should allow is call tracking. When working with brick and mortar stores, most leads still come in the form of phone calls. With call tracking, you can set the phone number to be routed through the backend, which allows for call tracking and recording. With this information, you can quantify the number of leads that come in the form of a phone call — helping your clients even more.  


Manage Your Clients with Professionalism  

Not all marketing solutions are made the same. Many are designed to function on a small scale. As a marketing agency, your business model demands a CMS that can meet the demands of multi-site marketing. Centralizing the administration hub of your websites makes it easy to work with and stores all of your information in an easy to reach location. Automate the necessary workloads and make social media and email campaigns easy to do. Show off the growth you have created and keep your clients around for the long haul.  

With SeedLogix, you can enjoy all the benefits of having proprietary software that has been built to help you run your business better.