March 6th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

Every area, town, and location has its own unique personality. For residents of these places, this personality is something they’re proud of, and it’s a personality that almost immediately creates a basis of trust when it’s embraced by the brands who want to be a part of the community. For multi-site franchises and brands, being able to speak in this unique voice is a necessary part of making an impact on these local audiences.  

Encompassing these different local personalities can seem intimidating, but it really doesn’t need to be. Using simple CMS software, it’s possible to have a centrally controlled network that allows for localized control to maintain your small business and local personal vibe that maintains real-world connections with site audience bases.

Create Websites with Local Flavor  

In addition to your parent website for your corporate brand, child websites should be created to keep that local flavor going. Each URL with its own local customization, each voice with its own unique local spin. The way of thinking that considers your one corporate website to be a priority is obsolete, and with the limitless space potential of the internet, this tunnel-vision method of thinking is no longer the driving force of modern customer action.  

Custom local websites will pop up first on local search engines, it’ll lead potential customers to your locations, and it will help to drive them to your parent website through their own local interests.  


Reasons You Need Custom Local Websites  

Sure, managing one website is simpler than managing tens or even hundreds of local ones, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easier. With CMS software making things much easier for multi-site brands, managing these child websites, along with your parent website, at once has never been more accessible. Some reasons why you want custom local websites are:  


  • Custom URLs – Custom URLs are too often overlooked, but they really help to give local websites an excellent touch of local flair. Giving them a name that shows pride in their location separates them from the corporate entity in just the right way. When customers see custom URLs, they will immediately associate the site with the local area it represents, rather than immediately associating it with the parent company.  


  • Local SEO – Local areas will have different SEO needs and keywords compared to others. Those searching on a search engine in Florida will probably use different terms than the same demographic of customers in Oregon and so forth. Having multiple local based websites allows you to cater to these individual SEO needs.  


  • Create original content – Original content is going to cater to unique markets, and that’s exactly what you want when keeping that local vibe. Having multiple site websites allows you to create and showcase original content pieces that speak specifically to local communities in a relatable voice.  


  • Create better email lists – Email marketing is an important tool, and your multiple location-based websites allow you to make better multiple location-based email lists. Local CTAs with geographical metadata help you to build your email campaigns into localized marketing tools.  


Maintain Your Local Vibe with SeedLogix 

A multi-site business has the power to dominate every local community they’re a part of, and with the right marketing, this is an achievable goal. Using a CMS that has been built from the ground up to cater to these multi-site companies looking for custom websites makes this a feat that is easy for any brand.  Contact SeedLogix today to begin your build of custom websites for every community your brand serves.