November 15th, 2017

Multi Inbound Marketing

Whether you have one or one hundred business locations, Craigslist is a must use website. Of all the domains in existence, Craigslist is the one that keeps on ticking. Since 1995, Craigslist has consistently been one of the most popular sites on the web. Both nationally and locally, Craigslist has a reach that spans all markets both locally and nationally. 

Being a multi-locational business, the CL model should be held in reverence. When a user first logs into the site, they are offered geographic locations all over the country and even the world, highlighting subdomains. In each of the local categories, there is an entire community of users. The user base is so big and prolific, it is still envied by companies like Facebook and eBay. Thousands of new posts are made on a daily basis and there are few if any competitors that have made a dent. 

With no cost for sale posts, anybody can sell anything for as much or as little as they want. By capitalizing on the freedom of the early internet, CL has become a foundational site. While some users find this dangerous and even off-putting, it has become abundantly clear over the past decades that this is a model people want.  


Staying Minimal in the age of Decadence 


Even with the explosion of smartphones, Craigslist still doesn't have an app. The simple layout and easy to read text allow Luddites and technologically advanced people alike to communicate as equals.  The seemingly simple white background and lack of banner photos and ads give Craigslist the look of a website stuck in time. 

While it is tempting to write this site off as dying, ancient, and on its way out, the data shows otherwise. Worldwide, Craigslist is the 53rd most popular site and in the United States, it’s the 8th most popular. To put that in perspective, that's 50 billion page views a month – wow.  

These numbers may shock some users of supposedly advanced websites.  With a user base this huge, it's even more impressive that they have never received venture capital money.  

Craigslist grew in response to a niche demand and has assuredly become the go-to local website for real-world interactions.  


Hiring Using Craigslist 

Boasting over 100 million job postings a month, Craigslist is ubiquitous in terms of local jobs. As a local business, finding help via this website is potentially easy to do. There are a plethora of ads, from fast food companies to tech startups, don't try to put CL into a box.  

When people are out of work, Craigslist is one of the most viewed channels on the web. The hyperlocal feel it provides is different than any other job site. When replying to a craigslist ad, recipients know the candidate is local. If your company needs more people, a post on here is almost a guarantee of resumes to the inbox.  


Sub-Domains and Multi-Market Capabilities 


Whether you have one location or several, marketing via craigslist is a very real possibility. If you have a product or a service to sell, posting it on CL can help garner some views to your website. And because CL is designed to be identical in every market, once one style of post is created, you can easily replicate it across all territories. The timeless design of the website allows you to keep any ad minimal and simple to read.  

Craigslist is the founding father of evergreen content. A digital form of the classified section, it has quickly replaced newspapers. As much as we want to believe the internet is taking over real-world interactions, it really isn't. People are more connected than ever before. You can listen to some lament about the loss of personal relationships and people's reliance on digital platforms but if this was the case, no one would have a reason for Craigslist. 

Incorporating the reality of craigslist into your business website can help encourage views. Don't forget about this integral website and its overall importance to the world wide web. As a business with local roots, tapping into a savvy and diverse online community will only serve to help your online presence. People trust Craigslist, millennials have grown up with it. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.