March 20th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

To understand how digital marketing is the future of customer support, let’s set up a scenario. You’re at home and you’re researching a specific pair of sneakers online. You can’t seem to find these sneakers in store, but you find them at an online retailer. You put the sneakers in your cart, you fill in your information, and you’re ready to check out. You press the checkout button, and you’re faced with a spinning wheel that doesn’t seem to go away.  

You’re already on the website, and your laptop is in another room. You need to contact customer support, but the website is poorly optimized for mobile use. You can’t find a simple contact button, you can’t chat in with a live support team, and it’s after-hours for the customer support telephone line. What do you do? Well, most consumers in today’s digital age will simply abandon their cart and go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.  

Had the website been optimized for mobile use, a form of digital marketing, the company would not have lost that sale, and the customer would not have been driven elsewhere to make their transaction with a company who offers an optimized experience.  

Creating The Right Customer Service Experience  

You can use several different digital marketing tools to build the right customer service experience you’re looking for to retain organic traffic and create conversions. A few methods to employ include:  

Create with the customer in mind

Whether it’s your blog content, your social media postings, or your website, always create with the customer in mind first. Viewing your optimization and content from the customer’s point of view will ensure you’re creating something that will be of value to exactly the types of audiences you’re trying to reach.  

Customer-centered content means content that is user-friendly, it’s content that is optimized for mobile platforms, and it’s content that speaks to them with a personal and authentic voice.  

Give customers control

Just as you want to create content with customers in mind, you also want to give customers control in how they view and interact with this content. Some will visit your website on a tablet, some on a laptop, and some on a smartphone, so you want to make sure they’re all getting an equally valuable experience.  

It’s not just the hardware used to view your content, it’s also the content they wish to view. One way to give customers control is to take your frequently asked questions or about me section, and have the information in a long-form format, a short question and answer format, and a video format for absorbing content in different ways.  

Test it out

Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t work out quite right, and take advantage of all the testing and data you can get your hands on. A/B testing can help to work out any kinks you may have, and it will show you real data and real results that don’t rely on your being the mind reader of your audience base.  

Customer Support, Digital Marketing, And Multi-Site Brands  

For multi-site brands, customer bases will be talking to their local factions often for their customer support concerns. Because of this, multi-site brands will face some unique problems not experienced by small businesses or single corporate entities. A CMS, or content management system, that caters to these specific needs takes advantage of professional marketing skills in meeting these multi-site demands.  


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