February 15th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

A franchise here, a local territory there, your multi-location business is thriving. As your locations expand, it's easy to forget about the local feel each location should embrace. When creating a digital presence, not only does your business need a central brand but it also has to connect with buyers throughout your network.   

Using easy to use software, it is possible to create a centrally controlled network that allows for local control to maintain the small business vibe that makes your product so valuable. 


Each Website Deserves its own Unique Flavor 

When creating your online footprint, it is important to give each URL its own ability to be customized. Potential buyers will not be navigating from your corporate site to a local one, in fact, it’s the opposite. When local search results are aggregated, your local website will appear much higher in search engine rankings than a corporate site.  

The old way of thinking was that it's easier to have one website to clone across your entire network. One place for content, one simple design, and one branded message. It's also low in cost. If you're only building one site, you only have to pay for one site. Another net benefit is the administrative ease of organizing an online presence with only one website. Instead of constantly worrying about uptime and consistent messaging, you only need to look in one place.  It's easy to acquire tunnel vision when creating an online presence. One site is plenty, it's easy, why would creating many local websites be worth the trouble? 


The Net-Positives of Having Custom Local Websites 


Customers are attracted to a local flavor, they want to know your company is interested in wining and dining them.  Local websites will make your online network more robust, creating ample opportunities for lead generation. 


  • Custom URLs. Simple and easily overlooked, using customized web addresses is an excellent way to give websites a local flair. Instead of making websites offshoots of the corporate site, give them a name that reflects the town a franchise is located in.  When a customer spots a unique URL they will automatically begin thinking in terms of local business instead of a giant corporation.  

  • Original local content. People love to read blogs, at least those who like blogs do. The most popular kind of content? The kind that talks about the reader, or at least the town they live in. Creating unique content that draws upon a local identity is a sure-fire way to attract attention. Not only will local content be readily accepted but creating it consistently will draw ample readers to your website. Whatever niche you find yourself in, becoming an authority will build trust.  

As a multi-location business, you have a unique opportunity to draw upon experiences in other territories to create fantastic articles. Give your customers valuable information that makes them understand the importance of what it is you do. Let them know where you stand, in return, they will be more likely to become customers 


  • Local SEO. In every territory your websites are built in, you have the opportunity to rank in search results. Compare this to having only one corporate website – how are you going to rank high in local search results with only a corporate site? Divide and conquer your network with localized websites, all built to be optimized for SEO.  

While each territory has just a fraction of the national search results, they are more reflective of your customer base as a whole. It's a waste of views to compete for national recognition, especially if your company isn't a national brand. Control for local search results and own the markets you're in.  

  • Better Email lists. Having the ability to collect Emails from every territory maximizes your company's efficiency. Use local CTA's to build upon the master Email list. Keep the metadata of the geographic location of each Email in order to build localized campaigns. Increase ROI in every territory without handicapping your message with corporate jargon.  


Multilocation businesses have the ability to dominate every territory they're in. Implement a CMS that has been designed from the ground up to make managing custom websites easy. SeedLogix is your solution to digital marketing.