March 16th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

There are plenty of benefits associated with running a multi-location business. Covering your bases across multiple territories sets you up with a situation ripe for growth, but it can also set you up for traps and bottlenecking just as easily. The best way to combat these potential traps is by creating a cohesive online presence that adapts to your various consumer markets. While this is one of the most difficult aspects of a decentralized business, it can also be one of the most fruitful, and finding a CMS that caters to your specific need can make all the difference in creating this booming online presence.  

Marketing Automation for Even Distribution  

If you’re only running 1 or 2 websites, you should be able to reach your targeted audiences without much trouble. Let’s up this number to 100 websites, 200 websites, or more – what then? Each website is catering to its own local market, local culture, and social media presences, and should be marketed to as such.  

Conducting personalized email campaigns in each territory, updating all social media profiles, and managing a large network requires software catering to specific solutions. With these solutions, you can reach all audiences while avoiding the bottleneck effect so often felt by those managing a distributed brand.  

Managing Your Distributed Brand  

A few solutions you can use to manage your distributed brand are:  

Have multiple websites

With the right CMS software, managing multiple websites is simple. You don’t need to create each custom website for every territory, you can do it all at once using such software to create mass rollouts of child sites each with their own custom URL. Search algorithms will differentiate between websites and treat each as their own entity, placing your brand above less authentic brands and therefore boosting sales.  

Rank high in local results

Having your corporate brand rank highly in search results is pretty simple, but it gets more difficult when you’re catering to specific local audiences. More than 1/3 of all online searches are looking for local results, and you want to tap into this mass need. Your use of multiple websites will help you to boost your local outreach.  

Use backlinks

Backlinks make a big impact on Google search results. If your local websites are linked back to your corporate high authority website, your chances of raising in the rankings in organic local results are higher. Each website in your main-site business should also be a backlink to the rest of your network of websites. Remember to keep your local touch for each website, however, or you’ll experience a high rate of people quickly coming and going to your website, which in turn will hurt your rankings in the long run.  

Managing your content

It’s the content of your website that acts as the meat of your website. It drives traffic, it helps to keep visitors engaged with your brand, and it should be localized to each are you’re serving. Automating certain types of content can make localizing content for each website less intimidating. The right CMS software will provide admin capabilities for each localized territory, allowing the ability to customize certain portions of each website for local optimization.  


Easily Manage Your Multi-Location Business with SeedLogix  

Multi-site businesses experience different stresses than small businesses, and the right CMS software can cater to these specific needs. Using your extended network as an advantage, rather than a challenge, can help you to take advantage of your online presence in boosting your ROI. With SeedLogix, you can find just the right CMS solutions to build your company’s online presence from the ground up.