March 15th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

In 2016, 66 percent of marketers believed that location-based advertising was the next big thing. Now we’ve come to learn that these marketers were right, and location-based advertising is a tool that multi-site brands should especially be taking advantage of. Location-based advertising relies on people carrying mobile devices with them as they travel just about anywhere, and that they’ll share their location information with their devices, apps, and websites.  

With GPS devices built right into mobile devices, location data is shared in real-time, and advertising can take this same real-time approach to target audiences with truly relevant ads.  

The Benefits of Location Based Advertising  

With location-based advertising, marketers can send different messages to different users depending on their location. For multi-site brands, it’s easy to see where these benefits may come from. When a user is nearby to one of your local sites, they can be driven to the area using your relevant local based advertising. Some of the many benefits of location-based advertising to any brand include:  

It sends a personalized message

Location-based advertising sends a unique sort of personalized message. Personalized marketing creates more meaningful engagement, and the nature of location-based advertising is personal in and of itself. Personalizing based on location almost guarantees that you’ll be showing audiences something relevant, which is just what you want to do with your marketing. For multi-site brands, location-based advertising also allows you to put your own personal regional touch on your marketing messages.  


Location-based advertising is naturally timely. Location information is sent in real time, so your advertising can be delivered to these audiences in real time as well. For retailers, this can be a huge benefit. When someone is located nearby to a particular store site, the store can be notified, and in turn, send them relevant promotions that could lead them inside during their trip. For example, a store beacon may tell the brand that a potential customer is 1 block away, and in turn, they receive a coupon to use on their next purchase. With this coupon, they’re more likely to step inside and see what might interest them.  

Anything but generic

The targeted nature of location-based advertising makes it anything but generic. With properly targeted ads, they’re naturally more relevant, and more relevant ads are ads that are more likely to be clicked. This better method of targeting allows your marketing budget to be spent on ads that generate activity, rather than those what wind up being blocked or ignored.  

The Benefits of Location Based Advertising for Multi-Site Brands  

As we said before, location-based marketing has specific benefits for multi-site brands. One example is an experiment Starbucks carried out in 2014. Starbucks tracked user device IDs and locations through their app and targeted ads and promotions to users based on this information when they were nearby to a Starbucks location. What they found in this experiment was that the likelihood of a person walking into the nearby Starbucks store increased by 100% when using the locally targeted ads.  


Get Local with SeedLogix 

What can we learn from the Starbucks experiment? We see that multi-site brands use such ads to drive nearby consumers into these local sites specifically using ads relevant to their location and their interests and that the strategy works. To learn more about how location-based marketing can work to drive foot traffic into your local brand sites, and to do so with the assistance of professional marketing experts, contact SeedLogix today to get started.