March 19th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, or attracting customers through quality content, is a big deal. While keeping track of inbound marketing can be simple at the start, it can grow to be more difficult as your audience grows larger. For franchises with multiple territories and locations, finding the software to stay on top of your inbound marketing in the way that you want can be tough. Our multi-site CMS is built to handle the needs of extended businesses with powerful client software that makes things simpler.  


Building A Scalable Infrastructure  

Organization capacity is a big challenge for even professional marketing agencies. As your audience grows larger, keeping track of your necessary marketing data can begin to overwhelm you and your software, but that’s only if you don’t have the right software. The following pieces can help you to grow a scalable infrastructure for your growing business and its marketing: 

Centralized back-end

Some businesses require only 1 website, and some require 10’s or even 100’s. Launching websites shouldn’t be what you stress over, and you don’t have to create independent URL after independent URL. With the right software, you can build all the URLs you need right from the backend. With the internet, space is never restricted, and neither are your URLs. Your chosen program should be able to create unlimited URLs from the same location, each should be just as simple as the last.  

This easy to use website with plenty of landing pages allow you to conduct A/B testing across your whole client base simply and clearly with your centralized backend.  

Marketing automation tools

You want to give all of your clients a personalized experience with your marketing, it’s what keeps them coming back. Automating the process doesn’t mean you must lose personality, and it can allow for scalability in reaching far and wide to your client base. Email marketing, a particularly tedious yet extremely important type of campaign, benefits highly from marketing automation tools. Send mass emails to all of your clients, and conduct CTA testing to discover the best ways to generate leads.  

Automation can also be used in social media campaigns, such as those on Twitter or Facebook. Automation software helps to save time, increase engagement, and increase follower totals, paying off in lead generation dividends.  

Data Analytics

Measuring what you’re doing makes your marketing efforts worthwhile. You want to show your clients the growth you’ve created and what you’ve done for them, and using a solution that measures these metrics essentially creates that presentation for you.  

With data analytics, you can show clients where they’re ranking on top search engines like Google and Bing, aggregate data from every website, landing page, and blog into a single view, and you can create easy to read graphs outlining ROI and marketing data.  

Data analytics isn’t limited to only online lead generation data. When working with brick and mortar stores or franchises, many leads still come in the form of old-fashioned phone calls, and call tracking can help to quantify the number of leads coming in from the phone.  


Professional Management for Your Clients  

Marketing solutions aren’t made the same, and they shouldn’t be made the same. For marketing agencies, you demand a CMS with capabilities to cater to multi-site marketing, with a centralized administration hub for websites to make things easy to work with and to research. Automated workloads and social media campaigns allow you to stay on top of social media marketing in a scalable way, and the ability to show off growth keeps clients coming back.  

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