April 30th, 2018

Multi Inbound Marketing

When a person seeks out a franchise brand, they’re typically seeking out their local branch of a franchise brand. Being led to the main website isn’t going to give them the tailored and personal experience they’re really looking for.  

When each franchisee has their own website and their own online marketing strategy, brands won’t just be giving the customer what they want, but they’ll be able to increase their individuality and popularity throughout the exact local audiences they wish to reach. For instance, if a person is traveling and has a craving for a fast food franchise location, they’re going to want the specials, deals, and reviews specific to their town. 

While there are numerous reasons why franchisees benefit from their own website and marketing strategy, let’s narrow it down to the top three. The top 3 reasons why every franchisee needs their own website and marketing strategy are:  

Getting found often

People take to local searches for all types of goods and services, and having websites for your franchisees will help to get your brand noticed in each of these different locations. Sure, going to your main website and entering a zip code or location search can lead prospects to your individual franchises, but why expect prospects to go directly to your main website first? Where they will go to find the services they need is their favorite search engine, and what they’re looking for are local solutions. By providing franchisees with individual websites, you save prospects a step and place yourself exactly where they’re already going. In some instances, this may even drive prospects to visit your franchise location over another after coming up higher on a search. 

Tailored communication

There is something special about a personal experience, and each location your franchisees are placed in has its own individual personality. Individual franchisee websites and marketing allows you to tailor your communication to these individual markets, providing that personal experience that leaves visitors feeling understood and taken care of. The best part? With today’s CMS, or content management systems, it’s never been easier for brands to create tailored messages reaching all individual markets either through social media or franchisee websites. 

Amplify local reach with social media

When the old days had word of mouth, the new days have social media. While many franchises feel it’s perfectly sufficient to only worry about their brand's social media, this simply isn’t enough. Individual franchisees should oversee their own social media presences, connected with their own websites, and engaged with their own followers. Franchisees will always understand the pulse of local audiences better than a corporate brand will, and therefore they can better communicate, reach, and grab the attention of these audiences in a language they can understand.  


Franchisee Websites And Marketing The Simple Way  

Building a franchises online presence doesn’t have to be overwhelming or particularly difficult with the advantages given by a central CMS. Our CMS for franchises and multi-locational businesses caters to streamlining the marketing and online presence process, allowing brands to focus on a core message while still nurturing each individual local market they want to build a valuable presence in. To learn more about what our modern CMS can do for building your online presence for franchisees, simply contact SeedLogix today.