April 10th, 2018

Landing Page Strategy

The purpose of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a lead without the navigation and informational distraction of a website. Visitors will know what their next move is when they find themselves on a landing page. A good landing page should hold the visitor’s hand, so to speak, and guide them right to the desired action in a simple way. With a clear and concise landing page, you’ll create a vortex in generating leads and collecting information.  


A good landing page has many benefits, and 6 of these are:


Advertising benefits  

With a carefully planned landing page, you can measure and analyze your advertising efforts using analytics tools. With this information, learn what works and what doesn’t in lead generation.  

Helps to create buzz 

For new products or services, a good landing page can help to build organic curiosity and anticipation.   

Increases your conversions 

A good landing page entices readers to take action, and this action can greatly increase your conversions. It’s important to remember that your landing page should focus solely on simple communication and the action you want your visitors to take. Additionally, using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86 percent

Improves your paid search 

Landing pages created for an advertising campaign help give your paid search results a boost.  

Helps create credibility 

When visitors feel the motive and use for a landing page is clear, there is a certain level of trust built. Visitors will recognize that your brand understands their needs and that you’re willing to put away the frills in order to satisfy them.  

Spreads brand awareness 

When a landing page is created to embody a company, it helps to further spread brand awareness. If a visitor comes to your landing page and consciously or subconsciously takes notice of your brand image, they’re likely to recognize your brand again and again.  


Landing Pages For Multi-Location Brands  

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