May 10th, 2018

Landing Page Strategy

Successful inbound marketing is not a simple straightforward process; there are many factors to consider when beginning an inbound marketing campaign. One must first lay the foundation for your marketing strategy and build from there for it to become a strong and reliable means of selling your products. One of the foundations needed to be first put up when beginning an inbound marketing campaign is to create a landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is in its broadest definition is the page where customers are directed when they click on any posted link either on search results or on banners and adds in social websites and forums. Landing pages vary in design; some may use the home page of their business as landing pages and some use pages with high-quality multimedia content which gives in-depth information for the customer on your products. That is why many companies invest in creating good and attractive landing pages to "capture" positive clients and convert it to sales.

What should a good landing page look like?

Though one can use their business website's homepage as landing pages, one cannot rely on first-time clients to always spend time in navigating the depths of your website to know about your product, one can easily click on the back button on their browser and end their grueling task on your website.

Clients surfing the internet are lovers of speed, internet speed, buffering speed, browsing speed and so on. A surfer will spend only seconds on an unfamiliar website to access if the page is worthwhile or worthless. That is why an attractive landing page is important to get customers to extend their time looking at your page which means more probability for sales.

An attractive landing page doesn't mean extravagant, it basically means a landing page that can get the attention of people; this could be done by a landing page with high-quality content. As in an effective business meeting, one must be informative, brief and concise. As long meetings make "bored" audiences; a landing page with encyclopedic volumes of information about your product which would take a lifetime to complete reading would surely scare anyone away. So to put it simply, an attractive landing page is simply simple.

Initiating action with CTA techniques

In conventional marketing strategies, after the salesman chatters all of his sales talk techniques and has you convinced, he will then give you a sign-up form to purchase his products, this is the push salesmen make to initiate the person to buy, that is what "call to action" means. When creating landing pages for your business, utilizing "call to action" techniques can really increase the probability of converting webpage visits into product sales.

Call to action techniques involves the use of different tactics to persuade customers to take action and purchase a product service. Call to action or CTA techniques brings together artistic design, high-quality content creation and marketing strategies to create a landing page that will not only introduce the company's products but initiate the customer to buy, which is the goal of every business on the planet.

Landing Pages for Multi-Location Businesses

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