July 10th, 2015

Landing Page Strategy

Making money on the Internet is all about selling your product effectively. You have something that people want, and you make it easy for them to buy it through your website. However, in practice, it gets a little bit more complex than that.

In order to make sales, you need a dedicated landing page. That's where you drive all your traffic to - from search engines, affiliates, and paid advertising. Your landing page has a very crucial role in your sales process.

Considering the fact that there are tens of millions of web pages at this very moment, you have to find a way to make yours stand out. In this article, you'll discover proven ways to make more sales from your landing page.

#1 - 50% of your money is made here...

There is one part of your landing page that is responsible for at least 50% of your results. It is commonly known as the "headline". The purpose of the headline is to instantly communicate to your prospect that they've come to the right place.

In order to make it work, your headline has to be specific. It must speak directly to the needs of your customer. On the other hand, if it doesn't immediately draw your readers in, they will quickly click away from your website.

Your headline should stand out clearly. The font size and color should "force" the reader to notice immediately. In addition, spend a good amount of time making sure that your headline is really appealing to your target audience.

If you're not getting the best results from your landing page, chances are your headline is the culprit.

#2 - Single-mindedness pays.

Your landing page must be focused on just one action. It doesn't matter if you want your website visitors to call you, or to buy immediately. If you confuse them, they will go to your competition - and you definitely don't want that!

Even if you want to give your readers options, makes sure one desired action stands out more than others. People are busy these days, so you want the process of making a decision to be as smooth as possible.

There is another important thing to remember. Many "newbies" make the mistake of putting advertisements on their landing pages. They wrongly believe that if the customers don't buy, they might at least click on an ad. This is a sure way to disaster because it creates a distraction.

Again, decide on what the purpose of your landing page is, then make sure everything is designed to make that happen. If an element on your page doesn't serve your page's main purpose, simple remove it.

#3 - Tell them what to do.

This might seem obvious, but many people still forget to tell their website visitors exactly what to do. You may assume that people who are truly interested will find a way to buy. Unfortunately, in today's online environment, this is simply not true.

On your website, you are the leader. If you want people to buy, place a clear "Buy Now!" button that they can click on. Take things even further, and make it very explicit - a statement such as "Click on the button below to buy now!" can go a long way.

In the "real" world, that might seem a bit pushy. However, on the Internet, people appreciate strong instructions. Being explicit demonstrates your faith in your product's ability to make your buyers' lives better.

The advice above is what makes or breaks a landing page. Go through your landing pages right now, and make sure that you make any changes that violate these rules. You will see a great improvement in the amount of sales you get, provided you drive targeted traffic to your pages.