November 22nd, 2017

Internet Marketing Strategy

Creating content for your business website is a sure-fire way to increase views. New content creation and a healthy trend of updates will keep your website fresh, and enticing to viewers. If lubricating a flow of traffic to your website is your goal, providing value-added content to readers is the way to go. 

When writing articles for a multi-location business, it is important to focus on the central tenets of your overall strategy. Try to avoid the minutia of local differences. The goal of content is to be able to post it universally, for all locations.  


Evergreen Content  


In the marketing world, certain content is known as evergreen content. The name is a reflection of how conifer trees stay green throughout any season. So-called because well-written articles are nearly timeless and will provide a healthy traffic stream of viewers for the life of their existence.  When creating the foundational content for your site, think about the demographics you are trying to reach. The content written should be informative and interesting. By default, having a business makes you an authority in the industry, your online presence should reflect this. 

When people are searching the internet for a specific answer or for specific services, your content is what you have to draw them in. If your website(s) are filled with short, bland, and overall meaningless information, it will reflect directly and negatively on your company. 

Take advantage of the incredible breadth of knowledge you have as a business owner. Write down everything possible. The longer your posts are, the more optimal they will rank.

Does this mean the amount of words matter?  


Upon first glance, many website operators might believe that shorter posts are better. The explosion of smartphones and apps have notoriously lowered a reader's attention span.  According to Microsoft, consumers have an 8-second attention span. With such little time, why would content matter at all? At least, that's the thought process many modern websites seem to have. 

This is the wrong outlook to have. While there are plenty of people who will skim your content, and move on to the next page, those individuals are not potential clients. The beauty of the internet is how many people can use it simultaneously. Your website may get thousands of views but you need only focus on the people who will actually make a purchase. And this is where long, informative, and detailed content rises to importance. 


The few users who do read everything written will appreciate the time and the value placed on the website. It is from this style of interaction that you can garner social media attention. Potential clients are more inclined to interact with a business they trust. Providing detailed industry analysis and expertly describing the services offered is a great way to penetrate the market. 


Content for the Algorithms 

For readers that do bounce off your pages, long content is never a bad thing. If anything, the visitor will understand there is a lot to learn and simply doesn't have the time for it. But no person is ever angry when a website offers too much information. Maybe they will bookmark your site and come back to it when they have the time.  

When search engines get involved, there are more than people reading your site. As Google and Bing index the internet, they are actively mapping out your website. The large search engines are looking for relevant information and authority sources in order to give their users the best possible information.  

If your landing pages feature large amounts of text, it gives the algorithm more to work with. If your information is relevant, easy to read, and valuable, search engines will recognize it as such. We are living in the age of information and producing original content has become gold. As automation becomes more prevalent, the value of original writing will continue to increase.  

Don't settle for lazy content that is copied from other websites. Take the time to craft permanent and valuable posts. Take your time and stay consistent. Eventually, your user base will find you. Focus your website, execute the content, and traffic will come.